HTP @ JBs, Dudley 2002

  • JB's - Dudley, UK - Monday, 30th September, 2002

    The band were in fine form and the local crowd loved it. The sound was indeed loud, but that might have been because we were up front, close and personal :p

    London tomorrow....and a full review with lots more pictures to follow in a few days :cool:

  • Nice, thanks David. Looks great to have
    some pictures up here the morning after!

    Hope you'll have fun in London. (Is that
    tube strike still on today?)

    - Fedor

  • Hi,

    Judging by the camera angles you must have been stood about 2 foot in front of me! It's the first time I've ever seen Glenn live though I've been a fan for about 20 years. I have to say I didn't enjoy it much though. Too much JLT, too much posing and too much cliched Heavy Metal crap. Mistreated was brilliant though and worth the price of admission alone. I'm looking forward even more now to seeing Glenn live and solo - if he ever does it again.


    PS - I hope Glenn remembers to put his underpants on for the London show. Lol

  • Hi Nigel,

    You have a point there. This tour however,
    HTP really profiles themselves as being
    a heavy metal band. It's what they are on stage.
    Sometimes this means cliches, it seems
    inevitable. Be sure to be back next tour!


    - Fedor

  • Yes it was loud. TOO LOUD. That was the worst live sound mix i have ever experienced. Glenn and JLT both have great voices but you couldnt hear them (or any of the band) as clearly as we should have. The keyboard player may as well not have been there and most of JJ's solos disappeared in the noise. When i saw Glenn at Wolverhampton on the Addiction tour the first song was all distorted and someone shouted to him we couldnt hear his voice. He made the sound guy turn the whole thing down and from then on it was superb. If only that had happened this time. Never the less i still enjoyed it and the energy of all of the guys was unbelievable. Hopefully soundwise things will be better in November for the Legends of Rock tour.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I don't know if it's a problem at JBs as I've never been before, but it may have been the acoustics. I was just behind the mixing desk and other than the opening of the first song, the sound was OK (not perfect, but not bad).

    I guess it was fairly loud and that won't have helped the clarity (though personally I'm probably a bit deaf anyway).

    I must admit I've never regarded myself as a noise merchant, but I've been to a couple of gigs in the last few years that have been too quiet. To my surprise, it really has ruined the gig - no excitement or intensity. A fine line for the sound guy I guess.

  • Yes, Fedor you're right. It's my problem really not the bands. If I seen Glenn before I probably wouldn't have gone but, as it was, I chose the wrong Glenn gig for my debut as I prefer Glenn the Funkmeister to Glenn the Rock Star.

    I'm glad others thought it was too loud. I don't go to many concerts these days so I thought it was me, but my ears were still ringing over 24 hrs after the concert. Also, I was stood about 10 feet in front of Glenn and his vocals were well down in the mix when he was singing backup to Joe.

  • I have been to heaven and back since this time last week, and still cannot stop talking to anyone who will listen (... where've they gone again??). I was stood or dancing right in front of the left amps throughout the show, and as loud as it was, I didn't find it anything other than perfect.

    Respect to you Fedor and Nigel on the JLT/heavy metal comments, but we knew what to expect from the man, so just let him get on with it. He does have a powerful voice but not up my street at all. I was rather taken aback that he could actually play guitar, and he was good.

    If Glenn was performing/singing in a mud hut with only an acoustic guitar, the fact that I was able to share his voice and air space would always be worth any down side. x

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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