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  • Well believe it or not this is my first post :confused:

    Well what can I say about the concert except that it was awesome, it was the best I've seen Glenn play. He was so relaxed on stage and played from the heart.

    Every song was played and sung well.

    I never tire of hearing him do Mistreated and You Keep on Moving.

    Soul Mover which is probably his now trade mark song was just awesome.

    It was good to meet a few folk from on here, and a special thanks to Shirl and Jen for looking after me for 24 hours :bow:

  • You can now see the review Ian wrote on the JB's gig on p13 of today's express and star and online at http://www.expressandstar.co.uk/2006/10/30/gle…-to-start-tour/


    Saved my typing it all up on here - thanks!

    Is the interview from last week online too? i couldnt find it.
    Will post on here later in week if not.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Hellooooo everybody !
    We are all back from England.
    Meeting you there was really a great pleasure.
    "Sweet heart" wants to wear her new t-shirt to go back to school on monday so that all her friends can see where auntie Nathalie took her during the school holidays...
    I will post a review tomorrow with pictures. Now it's time for us to go to bed as we are a little bit out of order.
    A mllion thanks to Glenn for making my first gig an unforgettable one :bow: :bow:
    Cheers from the 4 Frenchies .


  • Sounds like an amazing show! I'm green with envy, although having been to the Jersey gig recently takes a little bit of the sting out of it...but not much. Especially like the new 'Voice of Rock' shirt - way to make a statement!

    Ah, the road show...

    "Get your motor runnin'...head out on the highway
    Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way.."

    Yeah, Frank, we gotta get the Southwest contingent together :thumbup: Who knows...maybe make up some biker jackets, spin some tunes, put back a few pints at the Tilted Kilt... :eek: :bouncer:


  • this is the first chance i have had to post on the gig ,i came back on a high to find my son was not well (nut allergy) but a bit of medical tlc and the panic is over :)

    this was the first time i had been to jbs,travelled down with cameronip who is a bit of a veteran at this,it was like steooing back in time when i got in the club as it reminded me of the clubs i used to go to in my mispent youth but i got to say i dont think it will be my last time (could make it a pilgramage every time glennis in town)

    a big thanks to all the people who said hi!(wolfie,achim,pete and david)it was nice to put a face to the names.

    as for the gig itself i could not stop smilling through it ,i know the sound was not the best but the atmosphere more than made up for it,the band were cookin!! and to top it all to meet glenn at the end just topped the lot.my favorite song of the night was ''you got soul '' i know everybody will have there own but i thought glenn and the band gave it everything they had for the whole show but that one stood out for me.

    see y'all in dudley next time :cool:

  • Ladies and gentlemen, here is my review. I had to refrain myself otherwise I would have written a whole book. Hope you will like it ! :)

    Glenn Hughes – JBs Dudley 28OCT06
    Our week end in London had been scheduled as soon as the tour dates were known. No way for us to miss Glenn Hughes european tour. As we did not know if he was going to play in France, we decided to go and see him in London, at the famous and prestigious Shepherds Bush Empire. My husband Jérôme and myself had been fans for a long time but never saw Glenn live. I must admit that we are quite new to Glenn’s solo work. We are basically Deep Purple MK3 and MK4 addicts...

    My sister Fabienne and my 9 years old niece Salomé will join us. It will be Salomé’s first rock show. Not bad for a beginner !

    Everything was under control when the news came out 2 days before departure : the Shepherds Bush gig is cancelled and posponed to march 2007. Damned !

    I was terribly angry and disappointed. This cannot be true ! Let’s try and find a solution...

    I studied all the possibilities but the only one that seemed suitable was Dudley on october 28th as we are going to London anyway. I started gathering informations through the GHPG forum and everyone there was very helpful to the Frenchie (thanks again guys!). Everything was in order to go to Dudley 24 hours later.

    In the meantime, I received a strange personnal message coming from a member of the GHPG forum, a man called Keith. Being new on the forum, I did not know who he was. The message says that he appreciates the distance me and my family are travelling to see Glenn and that Glenn would like to meet us after the show....OH MY GOD ! You can easily imagine my face in front of the screen, staring at this message...I’m going to meet the guy who plays bass and sings with David Coverdale (my other idol...) at the California Jam...You must be kidding, Keith, you want me to have a heart attack, do you ??? This is not real, I’m going to wake up...but it was true !!! It’s useless to say that I spent the rest of the day with my head in the clouds...

    We departed from Nice to London on friday morning. Upon arrival, we arranged the car rental to go to Dudley on the next day. Dudley is about 2h30 far from London by car on the left side of the road...Strange sensation for Frenchies... I am designated as the co-pilot. Bad idea...As everyone knows, women (especially under pressure blondes going to see Glenn Hughes for real...) do not know how to read road maps. We got lost when exiting London before entering the motorway. Same problem near Birmingham : we took the wrong exit... Next time, my husband will have to change co-pilot or buy a GPS...

    We were supposed to be at the JBs entrance at 19h00 to pick up our tickets. Due to the co-pilot problems, we arrived there at 19h35. Thanks god, there was a supporting act...

    We are welcomed by Keith upon our arrival at the club. He tells us that Glenn is still at the hotel, he thanks us once again to be there and gives us a meeting point in front of the stage at the end of the show.

    People start to arrive little by little, everybody is very friendly. Everyone smile when they see Salomé, the queen of the show, proudly wearing her “Glenn Hughes, the voice of rock” dress...

    We enter the venue by 20h00. The JBs is a small club as we like them. We do not have that type of venues in France. We are always delighted to see gigs in small venues like that especially in England where the audience is always cool and friendly.

    The lights went out at 21h15 and the band entered the stage on the first notes of “Valiant Denial”. Glenn arrives last in front of a ecstatic crowd . He is in great form and above all in great voice. My god, what a voice...Still the same as 30 years ago. Glenn is all dressed in black with purple glasses. Top classy ! The new line up shows a different style but proves to be very efficient. They show us that there is no reason to be worry about this line-up change.

    The set list goes on as follows :

    Monkey man
    Land of the livin’
    Nights in white satin
    Black light
    In my blood
    Don’t let me bleed
    You got soul
    Steppin’ on
    You keep on moving
    Encore :
    Whiter shade of pale
    Soul mover

    I will not make any comment about Mistreated. As expected, I broke down in tears. It was the first time I heard it for real. Jeff’s intro was terribly intense and amazing. I’m still in a state of shock...

    What to say about the Purple tracks : nothing, you cannot comment such high quality standards, you just listen and savour ! I loved every single title of this set list but I would like to give a special award to Soul Mover which was, in my opinion, THE funkiest title of the evening. It was amazing. I wish I could have heard Gettin’ tighter. Maybe next time...

    There was no acoustic set during the show as Glenn indicated during the last chat but that was not a problem as the whole gig was brilliant. Glenn communicates a lot with the audience. He loves being on stage and it shows.

    The show ends by 23h00. Before leaving the stage, Glenn sends a kiss to Salomé and says “bye sweet heart, see you later”. At least I realise than within 10 minutes, Keith is going to come to introduce us to Glenn Hughes himself...

    At the back of the venue, a counter has been prepared for a signing session. Glenn arrives and takes place behind the counter. Then Keith comes to take us not in front of the counter like the others but behind, next to Glenn, to take pictures and exchange a few words. I can’t even remember my name. I’m standing here, next to Glenn Hughes, he looks at me and says : are you Nathalie from France ? Euuuuhhh yes, it’s me...I’m like a kid in front of the Christmas tree...He thanks us for being here, for coming such a long way to see him with my family. He signed our “made in Europe” vinyl records, “soulfully live”, “soul mover” and Salomé’s t-shirt. She will wear it to go back to school on monday to show her friends what she did during the school holidays...We took some pictures with Glenn. When I look at those pictures, I still cannot realise that the person standing next to Glenn is me...

    My sister was so impressed by this show that she thinks of taking bass lessons...

    We left by midnight after having thanked everybody, especially Keith for having made all this possible and of course Glenn for having been so available for us. I would like to apologize to all the GHPG members. As we had to drive back to London, we did not have time to stay longer and to have a drink with you guys. But, on march 25th as we will be staying a few days in London, we would be delighted to have a beer (or more...) with you. On our way back to London, once again I got lost in the itinerary but I had a good reasons...I was on my little cloud and I still am...

    [FONT=Verdana]As a conclusion, I just would like to say : hats off Mr Hughes and see you at Shepherds Bush ! :thumbup: :thumbup:


  • Hi 'Harry' ( Nathalie)

    I take it you enjoyed yourselves , then! :)

    What a great night & experience for you . Loved reading your report & what wonderful memories you will have!

    Roll on March when Glenn returns! :claphands



    Ben !!

  • You must have a friend who always has his camera ready Achim ;) :lol:

    LOL....SO sorry, Paul!! :lol:

    Of course, most of these fine pix were taken by a certain gentleman and one of the greatest bloke I´ve ever met, named Wolfysmith!!!!!!

    Thanks so much again for everything, Paul!

    cheers, Achim

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