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  • Just a quick note, a larger note will follow when Im back home again.
    Thanks for all the nice people who made my stay so pleasant and really unforgettable. Thanks to Paul and Pete for their hospitality and to all the other lots of ghpgs for their great company. Pete and I already spent a great time with Mel Galley this day and speaking about the concert, it was really very good. The setlist has already been posted above and the to the main comments there is nothing much to add. Soundwise there was a bit confusion in the mix, but it doesnt bother the atmosphere very much. It was also great to meet Jeff Kollman, the other guys, Carl Swann and especially Glenn after the show and having a small chat with him. Really amazing day and night!

    Will tell more about when Im back home. Thanks again to everyone involved!!!

    Greats To Inma & Conchi, Shirl, Paul, Jennifer, Nathalie and many others!

    rock on, Achim

  • Sorry I couldn't have more of a chat, especially Wolfy, Pete Shirl and the usual suspects :) I was organising the Meet and Greet and trying to strike the impossible balance between getting Glenn back to the hotel and making sure everyone had a chance to show their appreciation for what was a really great gig.

    Hi also to David who has done this job before and kindly alerted me to messages from people I was trying to contact eg Harry le Chat alias Nathalie and her family and also Cameronip from Scotland. Sorry I missed Achim

    I am glad I managed to catch up with our friends of the press too. It is really heartening to talk to these people and discover that they are fans and more than happy to help spread the word. So a big thank you to Debbie Bennett and John Ogden from the Express and Star in particular. Debbie has registered on this site so any "exclusives" will fall into her capable hands :thumbup:

    Dave from getreadytorock.com already posted this review at


    I have some pictures here but while I am writing this but I am coming up with the dreaded error messages which basically means getting on my hands and knees and fiddling with wires. Ah the life of a media man. So glamorous :confused: Fun though!

  • Better late than never (internet hosed in hotel room last night)!

    It was great to see everyone again, as well as meeting new friends plus finally putting faces to some names :)

    JB's was JB's as far as sound - if you walk-in there knowing that fact, you're not disappointed - the band were smokin' and as others have said, that's no mean feat, considering it was their live debut together.

    Hope to see some of you again in Northampton :thumbup:

    Here are a couple of pix and movie clips :cool:

    Soundcheck - Anders, Mark, GLENN and Jeff

    Soundcheck - Jeff Kollman

    Soundcheck - Mark Mondesir and Jeff Kollman



    GLENN and Jeff

    GLENN and Jeff

    Mark, Anders, GLENN and Jeff

  • What a great bunch of reporters you people turned out to be!
    Almost.......ALMOST.........felt as if I were there.
    Thanks to everyone for their great videos, pictures, and comments.

    And I'm also very happy that Mel Galley met some fans, too :)

    PS......Does this tour have an official name,
    or is it just "The European - 2006 Tour?"


  • Can't add anything to the above except that the show was one of the best I've seen. There were blips on the sound, but so what :confused: ... for a first show with a new band, this was awesome.

    Glenn was definitely very relaxed last night and looked very much 'at home' with the new band. Valiant Denial absolutely blew me away and You Got Soul and Into The Black Light were tight, very tight :bow: The set was very funky and very groovy.

    It was a wonderful atmosphere with so many old friends and GHCPs, and I was introduced to one or two new people - it was difficult to know who to speak to first. Carl, Paul, Achim, Celty, Pete, David - I love you guys to bits. You all ROCK. Sorry I didn't say hello to Natalie and her little lady. She disappeared and then reappeared chatting with Glenn.

    Mark, Anders, Jeff - a massive bow down to you :bow: :bow: :bow: Glenn - keep on keepin' on brother, doing what only you can.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • :D A splendid time was had by all....I kept getting hourly updates until someone forgot his battery charger :mad:

    Orion....yee ha!

    Looking forward more than ever to 2007!


    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • If you ain't bought tickets yet I suggest you get out there and do it now, because this band is going to get better and better – you won't be disappointed :thumbup:

    Yeah - have bought tickets - should be watching Glenn right now at Shepherds Bush Empire!
    Sounds like a great night & can't wait until March 25 - lets hope its not 'subject to change' then as well!
    Do we know why 'tonight' was postponed yet?


    Ben !!

  • :) :) travelled down from glasgow..... and what a show it was!!!
    Glenn and band superb! Musicianship on 'Black Light' breathtaking!! Musicianship throughout brilliant! I agree a little about sound, but overall best gig seen for quite a while!!
    Even 'Mistreated' sounded funky! Glenn's vocals as always, simply the best!!!
    :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • Musicman wearing the new tour shirt in red, Cameronip, Wolfy Smith, David, Achim and Pete pre show.

    A Rogue's Gallery to beat all !!! :D
    Looks like a Wanted Poster if you ask me :lol::lol::lol:

    Actually it is always good to put faces to the postings :thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Yep Frank, hooligans for sure, that group is ;)


    Speak of hooligans, I think we are getting near time to get the Chip and Todd Roadshow to meet up with the Southwest,s Most Wanted:axemurderer: (which would be myself). Let's try and arrange something in the early part of 2007 for a long weekend !!!

    I will PM you at a later date.

    Then we will have a true rogue's gallery to show them here :D:D

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • That sounds good to me Frank :thumbup:

    Reading the reviews so far, and seeing the photos makes me wish even more that I was there again this year. Looks like a lot of fun.



  • Took my 14 year old son Luke to his first gig as a result of winning tickets via this very site (in a link provided by Keith Thompson). We met Glenn both before and after the show and, thanks to Keith, were allowed to watch the soundcheck too. Great show, well worth the 300 mile round trip. Great to meet up with 'T'other' (Top Cat to you) too.

    Luke's comment on it afterwards..."How far away is Northampton?". Many thanks to Keith, Carl and of course Glenn & band. Best wishes for the rest of the tour.


  • Hi everyone.

    A brilliant gig at JB's on Saturday. Was great to chat with everyone and a special treat for me was spotting Robin George who was in the crowd with his wife. John Ogden introduced us, seconds before Glenn appeared on stage. Thanks to Glenn for spending time to chat with Ian and myself after the show and thanks to keith Thompson for being so charming and very organised! Nice to meet JB's boss Sam too.

    I ran a competition in the Express & Star on Friday to win 2 signed copies of Glenn's CD Songs for the Divine. I know (thru no fault of my own) the question was omitted, but just sending in your name and address is fine. Sorry about the error.

    And you can read Ian's review of the gig in today's E+S

    Debbie Bennett
    Express & Star:thumbup:


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