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  • Just got in from JB's

    Ok first the setlist, apologies if I get the order wrong!

    Valiant Denail
    Monkey Man
    Land of The Livin
    Night in White Satin
    Dont Let Me Bleed
    In My Blood
    Black Light
    You Got Soul
    Steppin On
    You Keep On Movin'


    Whiter Shade of Pale

    Met Glenn before the show and was also lucky enough to say hello to Mark Mondesir and Jeff Kollman, two great guys.

    Glenn was disappointed in Wolves' 2-2 draw but was upbeat about the tour and made several references to the new beginning with the new band!

    Apparently his mum and dad have really bad colds so he didn't get chance to see them!

    Onto the show then!!!

    The sound for me wasn't 100%, but I have never liked JB's soundwise anyhow. The band were very tight I thought, considering it was their first outing.

    Glenn sang like only he can.

    Standout songs definately Steppin' On, absolutely storming live. Also I have to say I love Whiter Shade of Pale.

    I have to say Mark Mondesir was a phenomenal drummer!!!

    Jeff Kollman was very animated and good to watch.

    The Keyboard player looked like Forrest Gump, does anyone agree?

    Anyway looking forward to Northapmton!

    Can I just say thanks to Pete, Karen,Glenn, Mike,Penny, Andrew and Steve for their company and making it a brilliant day !!!
    :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • A big thumbs up to Glenn for the mostly recent solo albums set list. Impressive. Now if we could just see some of his 90s solo work and gems like Angela in the setlist that would be sweet.


  • Thanks for the setlist :singer: Hope we get good reviews at all the venues :thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Love the Forum and GHPG web site and not often I make a post however felt on this occasion I had to.

    2 cover versions and 3 purple songs out of 14 tracks, for me is disappointing. What about Cant stop the flood, She Moves Ghostly , Let it Go to name but a few.
    Glenn.....It should be so much better....

    P.S> For me Nights in White Satin ruins M4TD.....It just doesnt fit on an otherwise great album.

  • Interesting to see how close the setlist is to the summer shows although the band has changed.
    I guess there's always a song that you miss...Glenn's written and played an impressive number of songs, so it's imossible to please everyone.

    I personally think it's a good move to play a lot of new material and do "unexpected" cover versions.

  • Crisis over!!
    This band rocks and I've not seen Glenn so relaxed and talkative between songs as he was last night. Having spent much of the day with Glenn, it's clear there is a new air of confidence and optimism in the fella – it's a pity some of it didn't rub off on Wolves!

    Mel Galley was at last night's show and asked me to tell you that it's the best he's seen Glenn. And feels that the new material is a positive move onwards and upwards.

    I too didn't think the he sound was that great, but never-the-less the night was a triumph for Glenn and his new line-up, particularly as this was their first ever gig.

    There were smiles all round as Glenn and his new players embraced at the end of the encore.

    It was good to put faces to names, noteably David, Achim and Soulmover05.

    If you ain't bought tickets yet I suggest you get out there and do it now, because this band is going to get better and better – you won't be disappointed :thumbup:

  • Thanks for the review Soulmover,the only song you missed from
    the setlist was 'Black light, played before or after 'You got soul'.
    I agree the sound could have been better,and for a new band
    they were very tight.
    The setlist always seems to be a bone of contention,we all have
    favourite tracks that we want to see performed live,but in reality
    no one will ever get their perfect setlist.
    Hearing Glenn sing 'Nights in white satin' and 'Whiter shade of pale' was a real thrill for me,because the vocals were completely unadulterated, just like the solo extravaganza in Mistreated.
    Few things in life are perfect,but when you live an hour away from an intimate rock club and one of the greatest vocalists that ever lived is playing,it gets pretty close.

  • This looks great. The setlist looks a lot like the Verviers show I went to and that was the best show from Glenn ever I think.

    I'm looking forward to the Holland shows. The Ursem fanclub will be there!! :singer:

  • Saw Glenn at JB's Dudley last night, thought the band were pretty tight for their first show together.

    It was a good set pulled from M4TD and Soul Mover albums apart from the Purple numbers and the covers of Nights in White Satin and Whiter Shade of Pale (why does he bother with these when he has so much brilliant material of his own?)

    It would have been good to have slipped in a few classic Glenn Hughes numbers mixed in with the newer material; Still In Love With You/Coast to Coast for example would have brought the house down.

    The numbers from M4TD, Valiant Denial (great opener), Monkey man and Steppin On sounded great live, heavy with much energy, I must listen to that album again!!

    But on the whole a first class show and great to see the man in such fine form - what a vocal range !!

  • Great gig last night, could of done without NIWS & WSOP though. Took some excellent pictures of the band. I personally think the setlist needs to reflect all of his solo output. At least one Trapeze song would of been nice to throw into the mix.
    Even though we got there at 8-o-clock it was too late to grab one of only 25 copies of ''Freak Flag Flyin'' that were on sale at the merch stand.
    It was at least one of the better gigs of the 20 or so shows I have seen Glenn peform. And I thought Jeff Kollman was a more than adequate replacement, and possibly a more adept and animated guitarist than J.J.

  • This new band consists of exceptional players and we knew it was gonna be tight, but did Jeff and Mark throw their own style of playing into the mix or keep it safe and close to the original sound of the records? Its gonna be great watching the chemistry evolve as the tour goes on.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • WOW. What a day. What a night. What a name-dropping opportunity this review is!

    Achim(Schreiner) and Pete(Stanford) arrived at my house just after 10am and after a couple of bacon rolls we headed off down to the pub where I had arranged for them to meet Mel Galley for a couple of drinks. Some great chat, some pics together and a Trapeze cd signed for Achim. Then we headed off to Musically Yours (http://www.musicallyyours.co.uk) where the guys were given a demo of the latest stuff available for budding musicians/songwriters. Impressed, we headed home to prepare for the show.

    A last minute phone call from my friend Rose meant we had to detour on the way to JB’s to pick her up but we arrived on time then headed off to the pub to meet Mel and friends as we had been invited for a pre-show drink. Incidently, one of Mel’s friends was wearing an original Trapeze tour shirt.(no he wont sell it to you Chip :lol: ) After a pint we went down to JB’s where we met Hackney just arriving himself.

    Inside we headed straight for the merchandising were we met Carl. There were plenty of cd’s for sale including Jeff’s. Red or White T-shirts are £15. See my pics for what the red one looks like. The lettering on the white one is purple and looks really good. On the backof them is “The Voice of Rock”. I asked for FFF and bought enough for my USA requirements (:thumbup: Chip ;) ). We soon found David, Cameronip and Musicman. Then just before the show began as we headed down to the front of the stage, we met Mel again as he was coming in and said another hello!

    The setlist is as above. The sound as always at JBs wasn’t spot on but improved after The Valiant Denial. I thought that occasionally Jeff was lost in the mix and Glenn’s bass was a bit too upfront. It seemed to change between his playing the Gibson and Flying V. And got worse again for the encores. Absolutely nothing wrong with the bands playing though. Tight. And they looked like they were having fun too with lots of smiles at each other. This drummer really is good. Nothing flashy but quick, powerful and some great work all round the kit. Check out his thunderous bass pedal work in Into The Black Light. Keyboard guy could only be heard during the quiet bits and his solo’s but for a first gig this was top stuff all round.

    The M4TD songs are great live and fit really well with the set list. Don’t Let Me Bleed had a different ending which is REALLY GOOD. Fits the song perfectly. Jeff’s intro to Mistreated was cool and Bluesy, nothing like Blackmore’s original.

    AND THEN!!! Right before It’s In My Blood, Glenn says to the crowd, “I don’t know if Wolfy Smith is here tonight but he’s gonna get his wish”. Achim and I look at each other. Did he really say that?
    Frantic waving and shouting “I’m over here Glenn”, (we were in the middle near the front but he hadn’t spotted us). Then during the song he spots me and gives me a hello. This is one great day!

    I know some will criticise the 2 covers but these are great songs performed brilliantly by a guy still at the top of his game. None GHPG crazy people will always want Burn or Stormbringer etc , especially in the UK, so Glenn feels obliged to do a couple of DP songs. Maybe Lay Down Stay Down could appear for a change. I thought this set list was great. Yes, there’s stuff from every solo album and HTP/HTP2/HT etc I would like to hear but he cant play all night.

    After the show I finally spotted Shirl & Jen. Then Achim and I found Henry Le Chat and we went to say hello to her and her family. Bonjour Nathalie.

    Glenn did the longest signing session ever. Chatting to everyone who came up. Us GHPG’s all had a word with him and Rose passed on a message from Spike of The Quireboys who she is mates with and Glenn knows well. Glenn was very pleased to see Achim and let him know he really appreciates fans travelling such a long way to see him. Glenn and Carl are very determined to get a proper UK tour together for next March. Jeff and Mark also came out to say hello to people. What a great guy Jeff is. Dead laid back and down to earth. Getting a few pics and chatting to him was no problem at all.
    All in all we had a great time :bouncer: :thumbup: :clapper: :singer: :bow: :D ;) :) :claphands

    I will be at the Northampton show so if you see me come over and say hello.

    ps I have some more local press items i will post later this week too.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • It was diffucult to get well lit shots as when Glenn and Jeff moved away from the mic stands they went "into the black light" and all my pics were really dark.

    Last year the Roadmender had great sound and lighting so hopefully i will get some better ones to post.

  • very cool wolfysmith -im glad you had such a great time -thanks to everyone for their posts

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