~ Lyn & Chris ~ Wedding Wishes ~

  • ~ Wishing a Lifetime of Happiness to ~

    ~ Our Favourite Bride and Groom ~

    ~~~ Lyn and Chris Spencer ~~~

    ~~~~ October 21, 2006 ~~~~

    :weddingcake: :bridegroom: :champers:

    Here's hoping that you have a lovely wedding day,

    and a beautiful life together............ :rose:

    From all of your friends, here at the Glenn Hughes web sites!

    One of whom is ~ Your New York City tour guide, Grace.

  • Well Chris, I see you're going to go ahead and have the wedding instead of heading down south to see a GH gig ;)

    Congratulaions Chris and Lyn, I wish you many years of happiness together.
    Here's to a great day on Saturday!!! :cheers:


  • Best of luck in your future together and may every day be better than the last one.:bridegroom: :thumbup::thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

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