Cool Band on MySpace...I think you will like them!

  • :cool: Hi Everyone!

    This is my first thread please be patient if I do this wrong :) Ok.....there is a band on MySpace that has a really great 70's style, rock, funk groove that I think a lot of you would like. Their name is Highball Shooters and their page is

    I think they would be great as an opening act for Glenn. Anyway...this is just my opinion, but check them out and decide for yourself. I hope to get to chat with you all soon. Take care.

    Love from Florida, U.S., Debbi24 :cool:

  • Hi Debbi,
    have just been listening to 'backstabber', I agree they have a real seventies funky groove. Good musically, but the vocals were
    a little weak to my ears.
    Thanks for the link, Steve.

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