Last night's chat with Glenn

  • Have just read through the transcript of Glenn`s chat last night and there is a lot of stuff to be encouraged about and after the past few weeks of negativity on the site it feels like a cloud has been lifted.

    It looks much more certain that there will be a lot more dates in the early spring 2007 in the Uk and around Europe, so hopefully we will all be able to get to a few gigs and i might even be able to get my hands on a copy of Freak Flag Flying.


    Most importantly i feel that Glenn has clearly explained why JJ is not going to be touring for the forseeable future and i am sure that we can all now get behind the new band even if we cant get to the current batch of dates.

    Also as a community, we should also offer our best wishes and support to JJ and hope that he deals with what ever problems and issues that he has, it would be great to see him playing with Glenn again sometime in the future. After getting his CD last week it is clear what a talent he has and i am sure that no one wants to see that wasted.

    Also thanks to Glenn for spending his time talking to us last night, how many other musicians spend as much time as Glenn keeping their fans up to date with whats going on and listening to their views :)

  • Read the chat transcript today, wish I could have been online for it, but had to get ready to leave for the UK. Great session, and Glenn,as usual,tells it straight :thumbup:....One part of the chat did cause me a little concern though. When asked about the release of HT2,Glenn's response was a little stressed.Sounded a bit like Pat is dragging his feet on the project, or maybe I'm just being paranoid. Hope everything is okay in the Hughes-Thrall camp, as the release of this album next year could be a golden opportunity for Glenn to give the States a "One-Two" punch with M4TD and HT2 in '07.

    I also feel,along with many others I know in the industry, that a tour with HT would be very feasible, as they still have a loyal fan base in some of the key markets. Especially if Chad was added on drums.Maybe Ken can shed some light on this....

    Let's Kick It With A Tasty Groove :guitarmet

  • Hi

    Iain, and David, you both express my sentiments exactly! Glenn, trying my best to see you on the 29th!!! JJ, whatever is going on with you, best wishes. If i do not manage, along with Iain hope to see you in the spring.

    Bassboy, agree with you two. Worrying signs with regards to Hughes/Thrall 2. What a complete waste if the release doesn't come to fruition.

    Take care all of you out there...


  • I think we can pretty much read the between the lines about JJ and I hope he gets himself sorted out. It was depressing to read about it and only hope for the best for him.


  • Beside that, would like to hear the other side tho....

    I agree, let's see what the other side has to say...although, as we know, Glenn does not speak out of school !!!!
    Chip: Not sure of any contact for Pat, but will put my fingers to the test.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Please don't read anything sinister into a lack of an immediate response from JJ.

    Jocke also doesn't want to wash any dirty linen in public, and in consideration of the upcoming tour he prefers not to comment on what was written in the Chat, and would sooner just wish Jeff Kollman all the best for the tour, and thank you all for your great messages both on the forum, and by email to the website.

    He's in "writing mode" at the moment - and you all know what that does to a fella!

  • It good that Glenn is so open with us all. I am sure other artists wouldn't even entertain the idea of being so candid.

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