New band members for Euro Tour

  • The upcoming European tour will see GLENN performing with a new band of musicians:

    Drum phenomenon MARK MONDESIR (Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, etc), rising keyboard sensation ANDERS OLINDER (Peter Gabriel, Tony Kofi, Courtney Pine, etc) and world renowned guitarist JEFF KOLLMAN, who has performed and recorded with GLENN in the past.

    Long-time GLENN collaborator/guitarist JJ Marsh has secured a European distribution deal for his solo album, 'MUSIC FROM PLANET MARSH', and he will be undertaking promotion work during this time, as well as preparing material for a follow up album.

  • i have to agree with you most david- if jj just got a record deal (wasnt he trying to get one for a long long time?) he has to go out and promote it -its just unfortunate it has to be at the same time as the tour --we will hear what glenn has to say about it on sunday

  • Hi All,

    when i spoke to the drummer of my band that Mark will be Glenns new drummer on the upcomming tour, he nearly went beserk :bouncer:

    Seems that Mark is a very high acclaimed drummer with some instruction dvd's which are rated very high by drummers.

    So it seems this line-up will be indeed the best yet...


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