JJ leaves Glenn's band

  • On further reflection I just hope they I play a Shape 68 song, I love that stuff. The drummer and keyboard player are incredible and Glenn will have to be at his best which I am sure is the reason they are there in the first place.

    This tour is going to be something special for sure :)

  • One of the greatest live performances I've ever witnessed.

    That it most certainly was..........

    Plus, it was probably the only Glenn Hughes performance


    where you could also watch a basketball game on several TVs


    For me, the highlight was......

    :rose: Glenn's a cappella ending to "YKOM" :rose:

    ( I cried like a weenie.)


  • This is a shame and I was surprised and I had the same intial reactions as everyone else. But waited a day to think about this and post my feelings. If you look at Glenn's record, most guys he's worked with, it's been a miracle that Glenn did more than some brief one album outings with any individual musician. The fact that we've enjoyed JJ with Glenn for so long is really a bloody miracle! That is an amazing run in any type of endeavor. Nothing but fond memories of all these great shows I've gotten to see with JJ and Glenn and incredible work together. Jeff was great on SITKOR and this not the end of the world and I'm a huge JJ fan. Can't wait to get Planet Marsh.


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