JJ leaves Glenn's band

  • Hey everbody.........
    I may be just the official ax murderer around here :axe:
    but Glenn's statement didn't say that he was "getting rid" of JJ.
    It said that JJ was going to spend time promoting his solo album.
    And doing some composing.

    Maybe JJ was just exhausted after the hassle of getting his solo CD released.
    Or Glenn's tour schedule didn't work out with JJ's plans.
    Or JJ wanted to learn how to play a harpsicord, or take a vacation........whatever.

    And Glenn's statement to us, didn't use the word: NEVER

    I've seen JJ and Jeff Kollman with our boy........BOTH are incredibly talented guitarists.
    They're good enough to be on a stage with Glenn.
    That's really all we GHCPs need to know.

    PS......equinox91 ~ Birch Hill, you too?


  • Wasn't Kollman the guy who was the guitarist in the Shape 68 stuff? The couple snippets I have heard from that collaboration were wonderful - I much preferred the one tune ("All About the Girl"?) to anything off of "Divine". Personally, I thought Glenn needed a bit more "commercial"-sounding push and maybe Kollman can inject something new into the sound and songwriting. Nothing against JJ - great player and made some great albums with Glenn - but I honestly think they peaked together with "Soulmover". "Divine" is a solid album, but never really grabbed me - loved the diversity compared to "Soulmover", but the songwriting itself was average, only made above-average due to the vocals (Glenn's vocals turns average tunes into very good ones), and the "rockers" on the album were pretty derivative of other recent Hughes tunes. (yes, I know I tend to be in the minority in my view of "Divine"). Regardless, change can be good, people, and Glenn has never been afraid to change it up, and always has seemed to have a knack to change things before they get stale or overdone.

    And who knows - maybe, as David alluded to, JJ just needed to do his own thing for a bit - and maybe they will reunite at some point, with their batteries recharged. As long as Hughes keeps putting out quality music, I'll be happy regardless of who is in the band, or even the style of music he plays. Right now, Glenn has had a big boost in his solo career - from the RHCP connection, to good album reviews and press clippings, to increasing sales, and now a full-fledged Euro tour. And this doesn't even mention the great "Fused" album with Iommi, the HTP stuff, and second coming of Hughes/Thrall. This is a great time to be a Glenn Hughes fan, so embrace the change as just another step in the progression of an artist who continues to develop his music rather than rest on his laurels.

  • and I appreciate all of Glenn's work albeit in varying degrees. Glenn's worked with other guitarists...that's true....Pat Thrall and Glenn will have something new out soon and I love Thrall....but I think JJ is a superstar looking for a place to happen and I thought Glenn's band was it......Will I follow both JJ & Glenn? You bet! Without some details or a statement from JJ, I can't help but be disappointed and....well.....shocked. JJ, I downloaded your cd from Itunes the first week it was released...awesome!!!! Keep showing them how it should be done!!!:claphands

    mount the handlebars on the headboard and ride baby ride!

  • Of course this is a shock for the GHCP camp, but to me it really sounds like a temporary seperation of the two - Glenn gives JJ a well deserved break to concentrate on his own album and get his own thing going.
    Jeff Kollman is a great guitarist, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the new band perform.
    And I'm sure that they know, that the fans (old and new, and the axe murderers) are going to watch them closely! ;)

    C. :)



  • I do wonder if JJ got a bit pissed off at playing second fiddle to firstly Dave Navarro, and subsequently John Frusciante, who came on the scene for their superstar guest appearances??? Do not get me wrong, i liked their input but if i was JJ i would have been disappointed.


    Good call, Paul
    Just wondering the same but without said statement from JJ to confirm any rift (which I doubt) I hope this is just a parting for a period to explore different avenues.
    Obviously JJ has got to promote his superb new album & I look forward to hearing new material in the future. Thanks very much Jocke for everything so far :thumbup: & congrats on the recording contract.
    Likewise, Glenn has never seemed a man to sit back on his laurels (understatement.....whatever 'laurels' are :lol:) & he is obviously keen to keep things fresh, hence the 2 newcomers to' the Band'. Very much looking forward to the 29th!!



    Ben !!

  • Jocke - good luck to the future my friend - you were MORE then an inspiration to Glenn for the past ten or so years - I am sure he would agree! The albums would not have been what they were without you. Now its time to go out on your own and I am sure everyone on here will be behind you. You deserve continued success!

    Miss you on this one tho!

    Take care


    The rock gets rockier - whilst the Funk gets Funkier!!! :lol:

  • Dissapointing JJ wont be on the tour , I think he is very underrated as a guitarist having been very impressed with him on the soul mover tour. I dont think he was given the opportunity to express himself fully on M4TD and the album suffers slightly as a result. Dont get me wrong its still a good album but could and should have been a classic.

  • I'm as disappointed as anyone to hear that JJ's gonna be on a sabbatical from working with Glenn for a while, but I am by no means disappointed in his choice of Jeff Kollman. Having seen Kollman perform with Glenn a number of times, I can testify that he is a formidable guitarist. He's also worked with Glenn on 'Songs in the Key of Rock' and 'HTP 2', and his work with Cosmosquad and the guys from UFO (*)is superb! Anyone wanting to check out more of Jeff Kollman's playing should pick up 'Cosmosquad - Live at the Baked Potato', *'Mogg / Way - Chocolate Box' and the self-titled album by *Sign Of 4.

    Was it the end of the world when Glenn left Trapeze? No. Was it the end of the world when Glenn's work with Deep Purple came to an end? Obviously not. What about moving on after Pat Thrall, Gary Moore or Marc Bonilla? No. In each case, Glenn moved forward to embrace new opportunities. And from each of those opportunities blossomed wonderful new music.

    As he himself sang just an album or two ago, "Now and then you lose your karma. Why do you keep looking back? You move ahead. In this crazy world, you must change yourself. In this open road you must change yourself...nothing lasts forever but the song."

    Let's let Glenn call the shots, and avoid making hasty judgments without the benefit of insight.


  • I saw this news this morning and it was a shock. But part of me thought actually it wasnt. what i mean is, Planet Marsh and M4TD are so completely different that maybe they want to go in different directions for now. I dont think after 10 years and countless albums GH and JJ suddenly fell out. A break from each other could be just what they need after working together so long.
    Look at Elton and Bernie Taupin. I am really pleased that JJ will have the time to promote his own release and also work on a follow up. We all know he deserves success on his own talent. And he CAN sing! He didnt get the credit for co-writing all those great songs with Glenn from enough people, thats for sure. I certainly think at times Glenn has praised his "guest" guitarists way too much and JJ not enough. But idle speculation about a big bust up is way off the mark having read Carl's statement.
    I certainly wish JJ all the success he deserves and would certainly try and get to any UK show he did.

    Now for Jeff Kollman. I really enjoyed his work elsewhere and with Glenn on SITKOR. He co-produced and also co-wrote 4 tracks on it. It'll be a shame not to see JJ on tour but at the same time i will be really excited to see Jeff live. Lets not also forget JK lives in the USA and JJ in Europe. Maybe this will help get some USA dates for Glenn.

    At the end of the day, lets not forget that this is Glenn Hughes "solo artist" not the Hughes/Marsh band.

    I certainly want Glenn to be back fully in the public eye, in the media etc. His songs alone, never mind his voice are up there with any artist around today.

    Finally! I guess we should all pass our final verdicts when Glenn's next solo release comes out. Presuming this line up writes and records it, THAT will be the thing to judge in the evolution of Glenn's wonderful career.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Im still speechless after reading the thread and the posts and after having some cigarettes.
    I will not write much, don´t worry.
    I am one of the "older" fans too and there has always been changes ect. ect. But that is not the point. The point is for me that JJ adored Glenn from day 1 and did always try to do the best he could to reach a top level for himself as a player and writer but more than that, for Glenn. And beside this he was holding back a lot for the "big view". Just to make him leave like i change a guitar isn´t a fine way...i have a bad taste after reading all that. Sorry.....don´t wanna say to much. I love Glenn for over 25 years but that has nothing to do with it, it´s just sad...very sad.

    Like I said on the JJ guestbook: JJ, you have the support of a lot of people and my personal too. You are an exceptional artist.

    cheers for the lots of great moments you gave us with GH and for the personal moments, talks, joking ect. too.

    I agree to some above...the tour now has defintitely lost some edge for me too now.

    David, mate, I respect your view totally and you have some good points in it, but thanks for respecting ours too, who do not agree.

    cheers, Achim

  • Achim, Im sure people going to shows will say JK isnt as good as JJ. But others may think the other way round and that he adds something different.

    Even now, Steve Morse is still "no Blackmore" for most people - me included if truth be told. But people still go to see DP. im going next year.

    i will still continue to support Glenn no matter who he plays with.
    Even it is a new unknown player like JJ was 10 years ago.
    Both of them have blossomed and grown as people, writers and performers together. There was always going to be a point where they were going to split. Yes, its a shame just before the tour and it would have been nice to be JJ's "farewell tour". but that could have distracted things and actually caused more harm than good, especially with Planet Marsh out there too. A clean break now is probably better.

    We now have a new solo artist - JJ Marsh - to support.

    And I wouldnt mind Higher Places reappearing in the set list seeing as Jeff wrote the riff.

    Achim, after the JB's show we can discuss it over a beer with Pete :cheers:
    Hopefully he got and can understand my directions!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Paul, we surely will, my friend. Really looking forward to meet you and of course Pete again in a couple of days. It will be great. Save a cold pint for me until then!!!! :D

    see ya, Achim

  • That's quite a shame that JJ's left the fold. Frankly I would have taken it better if he'd done the tour and it was announced they were parting ways for Glenn's next solo album... It almost feels like he left half-way through doing his job. Oh well, I hope Jeff's good.

    Actually I was wondering if Glenn and JJ were planning to part company as Glenn had mentioned that he and Frusciante had been working on a few songs for his next album. I'd love to see John play on an entire Glenn album, they could probably make half-a-dozan between now and the release of the next Chilis album!

  • Fasten your seatbelts people, Jeff Kollman will bring his intense style of playing into the next chapter of Glenn Hughes music.

    I cannot wait for what is coming!

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • I'm not very sad. I have seen Glenn and J.J. more than 20 times in concert.J.J. is a very good guitarist but for me jeff is an excellent guitarist. And it's great to see new musicians with Glenn.


  • First off, JJ i wish you well, but I have to say I thinks its time for a fresh approach and applaud Glenn on taking this decsion. In fact I was not so enthused about seeing the old band again and felt that the band needed to move to a higher level.

    The calibre of the new band members is very high and Iam now definatley going to go to the shows as there will be a new edge to the performance.

    If there are lines to be read between then maybe the musical direction Glenn is taking is not so favored by JJ. Anyway I think this is reall positive news a new hungry band.

  • I agree Wolfy, M4TD ia not really a JJ album its more about the songs and less about the solos. I think JJ is great at all the retro rock stuff and his comparrsions to the "man in black" are well founded.

    Jeff Kolman I think has a more modern approach to his songwriiting and playing and I think this differnce will help inspire Glenn further. The Shape 68 songs were just fab. Would be great if they play a couple of these songs on TOUR.

    Anyway everyone here is getting hooked up about the guitar player but iam most looking forward to the new drummer who i think will drive the whole band including Glenn. On previous shows Glenn seems to have to drive (inspire ) the band. I think this new band will be cooking on Gas Mark 6:claphands

  • I've seen Glenn and JJ several times, twice this year. And in 3 weeks I'm going to see Glenn again.
    I think it's a shame JJ's gone, but I know Glenn comes up with a great new band.
    I always wondered why JJ had to make room for Navarro and Frusciante. When they made the video for Soulmover, JJ could easily be in it.
    Soulmover was their peak. M4TD, was great but not as Soulmover, I thought JJ's part was much smaller.
    I've got the feeling that this band is temporarely. Because after the tour Glenn will hook up with Pat Thrall.
    So maybe JJ left because Glenn had some other things lined-up that didn't include him.

    What ever the reason(s), I look confident in the future.

  • Nice one Wolfy, made alot of sense there! Maybe I have been a little too hasty, just a huge JJ fan thats all!

    I guess part of me is still excited by the new line up!!!!

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