JJ leaves Glenn's band

  • Very surprised & sorry to hear these news taken from gh.com:

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted you all to know that I am very excited about taking my brand new band out on tour. Joining me this tour will be Jeff Kollman on guitar, Mark Mondesir on drums and Anders Olinder on keys.

    As with most artists I admire, I felt it necessary and the right time to play with exciting new players. I want to be pushed and I want to be challlenged and it will bring something new and inspirational to my shows. I have thought long and hard about this and now is the right time for a change. I will like to wish Sebastian and Kjell all the very best and to JJ: good luck with your new CD.

    see you soon,


  • Me too, as i don't rate Jeff Kollman nowhere near such a guitarist like Joakim. But maybe it's just a temporary solution for the tour?

    If someone should replace Joakim i would go for another swedish hero, Conny Bloom of Hanoi Rocks, think Electric Boys-groove crossed with Glenns obvious talents, what a ride! Conny is also a very competent guitar player with abilities well matched to those of Joakim Marsh. And Glenn used Tomas Broman (another Electric Boy) as a drummer in the past so it's not too far fetched...

    But there's probably a reason behind Glenns decision and i certainly wish the new line-up all the best.

  • Well guys, I am sorry but I think this is a backwards step for Glenn. His music has really grown with JJ there and I cant help feeling this is self destruction.

    Taken the whole edge off the tour for me, am I being a little narrow minded here?

    Anyway good luck to the new guys all the same!!

    JJ you will always be king!

    Ian Dunbar:clapper:

  • I'm thinking it feels like a step back seeing what they were starting to achieve on Soul Mover, M4TD etc... The combination of the 2 really worked here, and the music really benefitted from it in my opinion.

  • Oh, no,
    My chance is lost forever to see JJ plays with Glenn
    with my naked eyes....very sad...
    I love corrabolations of these two guys.

  • Glenn and JJ really did it for me, over the years JJ grow and he had his own distinctive style. There is not as much reason to treak down to Northampton on a Tuesday night, perhaps I will if the reviews of the weekend two gigs are great. Can't believe he is not playing Rio's or anywhere up North. Perhaps JJ will.
    Dpurpleface give him a call.

  • that's sad news... but as I can't help to think positive.... that will mean JJ will focus in his solo career so.. more great music for our pleasure!!! and more concerts to go to! ;)

    I wish all the best to JJ and the rest of the band, and also my best wishes to the new band members, I had the chance to see Mark Mondesir in action and he was awesome, dunno the new keyplayer, but Jeff Kollman did great with Glenn before and he will give a new rocking flavour...

    besides..who said Glenn and JJ won't play together again? who knows? maybe they'll surprise us with some collaboration again in the future... that will make it even more special!!!

    changes are hard, but sometimes unavoidable or necessary, whatever the reason... all the best for everybody!!!!!

    loving and supporting you all

  • Oh no that's sad news. This will be the first time I've seen Glenn play live so I won't see JJ with him

    Still looking foward to the gig though - it should still be excellent! ( ... must remember to try and sneak my camera in.... )

    Best wishes to JJ and hopefully will see him perform solo......

  • WTF?! The thread says "JJ leaves Glenn's band" but it sounds more like he was booted to me. Lineup changes generally don't bother me too much (see Deep Purple/Rainbow) but I just don't get this one.......someone with more details? :mad:

    mount the handlebars on the headboard and ride baby ride!

  • Hi

    JJ. Thanks for the music. You have been a joy to watch and listen to. Sorry to see you go , hope it will push you, and Glenn onwards and upwards to greater things.


    P.S. you could always join forces with Joe Lynn Turner!!!

  • I think this is much more than a step backwards...I think it is a leap !!! :confused::confused:
    JJ added so much to Glenn's music, and without him I can see another new direction for Glenn, which, for one, I don't think is in his best interests.
    Of course I am sure there is much more to it than we have been told to now, and I am also sure Glenn and JJ would not have gone their separate ways if not for good reasons.
    It always seems that once you start to get closer to being on top of the game, a step back is taken in the name of advancement. Maybe JJ wants to concentrate on his solo career...or , well, there could be thousands of reasons.
    Good luck to all of you whatever happens...and now there is one less reason for not playing in the USA...can't use JJ and his travel as an excuse.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Hi again

    It took Glenn and JJ a while to gel as a team, will that be the same with the new guys? The last two albums certainly proved that the guys were a great team.

    I do wonder if JJ got a bit pissed off at playing second fiddle to firstly Dave Navarro, and subsequently John Frusciante, who came on the scene for their superstar guest appearances??? Do not get me wrong, i liked their input but if i was JJ i would have been disappointed.


  • What a big deception! i really think that JJ was the best guitarist that glenn have found, he was such a brillant plyaer , playing everything with such a feeling!

    I always think that Glenn and JJ will continue to work together for years! M4TD is the best solo that glenn ever wrote and i'm sure that JJ (and also Chad) bring much in the writing and playing...

    I hope this statement is just for the next tour and Glenn and JJ will still colaborate in writing/ playing together!

  • You'd think by some of these comments Glenn didn't have a career prior to 1996!

    Look, I'm a huge JJ supporter as can be evidenced throughout this site and others, but if Glenn feels it's time for a change, then it's his decision and his alone. This doesn't stop JJ from existing and giving us great music of his own and I'm sure one day we'll no doubt see him return to the GH fold.

    Perhaps a lot of you have not known Glenn without JJ by his side, but us "older" fans have been there through thick and thin, and right now, it's one of the best periods to be a Glenn Hughes fan. It's great that he wants to push the envelope and give us his very best and if he feels right now he needs new inspiration to do that, then that's fine by me.

    I see this as a brief timeout for JJ to take stock of his own career and for Glenn to continue forward, bringing us all his gift of music and for those lucky enough, who are about to see him live on tour in Europe, with a new twist to his already rich and inspirational catalogue - it can only be a positive thing.

    So let's get behind the both of them, each of whom deserve the very best of success.

  • This is a real shock :huh: as JJ and Glenn have worked so well together over the past 10 years producing great albums and superb live shows.

    Most importantly JJ was able to master a whole range of different styles of playing from heavy rock through to funk, classic rock to modern cutting edge and it really is going to be hard for Glenn to find a player who provides such range in his playing.

    All of us who have seen JJ play know that he is a consumate professional who never gives less than 100% on stage and off stage he is a real gentleman ,who always has time for us fans.

    Good luck for the future JJ you really will be missed

  • I'm going to miss J.J.'s playing. I just got his solo album and really like it.

    I would love to see Glenn record with Mike Slamer. I sometimes miss AOR Glenn. From Now On and Feel are great albums.

  • On the very day that it is announced that JJ isn't playing in Glenn's band any more, it is also announced that The Darkness need someone to replace Justin Hawkins.
    But no, rest easy. I just want to reassure you all that you will NOT be seeing Jocke in a lycra bodysuit anytime soon.
    Well not on stage, anyway.

  • Glenn's played with some great guitarists over the years. I feel bad for JJ if this was not his decision but I don't think anyone should be thinking Jeff Kollman is a step down.

    I also thought very highly of George Nastos, who played some of the fiercest funkiest guitar when I saw GH and company in March 2001.

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