• I am so tired of people trying to cover any hendrix songs! They don't measure up imho! Hendrix was and is in a class by himself.Imho no one since can play the guitar like that man.For example, When he covered Bob Dylan's All along the watch tower and Like a rolling stone.Imho he did a better job than Dylan and you could understand him.Hell, when the rock stations play those songs,they always play the Hendrix versions.But, when people TRY to cover Hendrix songs it's not the same.Look who you are being compared to!Don't get me wrong I like Dylan but, Hendrix really put the hammer down on those songs!A couple of years ago a car company had a commercial with Hendrix's Voodoo child playing in the back round only it was not hendrix it was Stevie Ray Vaughn's version of it.Now I like Stevie Ray Vaughn but, not covering a Hendrix Song.It's like someone trying to cover Glenn's songs.Look who you are being compared to!The same thing with The Doors, when the remainding members had this concert thing on either mtv or vh1 a couple of years ago with different singers all singing The Doors hits.They had Scott Stapp(CREED) and Scott Weiland (STP and Velvet Revolver) and Ian Astbury ( The Cult). While I like these singers and the bands they were and still in, They are no Jim Morrison.To me When Jim Morrison died it was over for that band.He was The Doors!And no one getting up on stage in leather pants singing his songs will change that! You might say there is no comparising going on well, I say come on, damn near everything is a comparison or competition.Some of you might agree and some of you may not. And it's cool,however, I simply WILL not argue over MY OPINIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE MY OPINIONS! And argueing will not change my mind on this.To me Hendrix Is The Greatest Guitarist Ever!People may try and some may even come close,while others may try to copy him but, there was and will always be one JIMI HENDRIX!:claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • You'll get no argument from me, Jersey.

    I'm not especially a fan of Jimi's like you are,
    but I will certainly back up your right to your opinion.

    I went kind of ballistic myself, when I heard "the new versions" of
    "You Lost that Lovin' Feeling" and "Baker Street" that came out
    a few years ago. If you can't do a better job than the original,
    then shut your mouth, be quiet, and listen to how it's SUPPOSED to sound!
    To me, music is passion, set to....."a good beat, that's easy to dance to." :cool:

    What got you so angry in the first place?

    Off topic (kinda):
    Last Christmas time, I was listening to my car radio,
    and the DJ said that he was going to play a Door's cover
    of "Riders of the Storm" but that THIS VERSION was called:
    "Riders of the Sleigh" by the 3 Wise Men.
    (Remember that it was Christmas time.)

    All that I can remember is the following lines;
    "Riders of the sleigh, I'll bring some toys your way,
    Riders of the sleigh.......In case you're not at home,
    I'll call you on the phone.......Riders of the sleigh."

    This Christmas version cover was 100% accurate to the original,
    sound-wise, and I swear that if I hadn't heard the introduction,
    I would have TOTALLY thought that it was Morrison and the Doors,
    and that this was something Christmas-y that they had recorded.

    It was THAT CLOSE, THAT GOOD, and totally funny.


  • The simple answer is that you can't exceed Hendrix if you are trying to play Hendrix. Like Grace, I'm not a huge fan and you are entitled to your opnion. But I'd have thought that a guy who has the guts to re-interpret Hendrix would be worth a listen in the absence of the great man himself.

    Chip and I, despite our distance in miles share enthusiasm for a guy out of Phoenix called Carvin Jones. Carvin does regular tours around his state of Arizona and Europe. I am currently promoting a gig he is doing in my home town near Liverpool this Saturday.

    Now this guy is as enthusiastic as you about Hendrix. He dresses like him and doesn't hide the fact that Hendrix is part of his heart and soul. He's also an incredibly good player (heralded by Eric Clapton) and a brilliant entertainer.

    In the absence of the real thing, I think any Hendrix fan would welcome with open arms someone who attempts such a huge task and makes you smile while doing it. No it aint the same thing as the real thing. But guys like him are still worth checking out.

  • Thanks for the "back up" vote Keith.:hi5:

    You know, back a hundred years ago, Hendrix played a version
    of "The Star Spangled Banner"....HIS WAY.....and all hell broke loose.

    Dis-respectful........Un-American........blah, blah.

    But what he really did, was to take our US national anthem,
    (which is impossible to sing, and most people don't even know the words)
    and add PASSION to it.

    Personally, I thought it was a beautiful rendition of a horrible melody.
    I really think that Hendrix's real legacy, even more so than
    the individual songs that he became famous for,
    was to show OTHER MUSICIANS what the possibilities were.
    And what you could do, and how far "outside the lines" you could go,
    if you picked up a guitar and played it PASSIONATELY.

    PS.......And I think that there is a difference between "ripping somebody off"
    or "paying tribut to someone who's gone." The difference is attitude.

  • I love to play Hendrix songs. I'm not as good as him, neither my guitar player, but... we think that this is our way to celebrate his music and the genius he was!

  • "A musician, if he's a messenger, is like a child who hasn't been handled too many times by man, hasn't had too many fingerprints across his brain..." - James Marshall Hendrix

    Even if you are not a fan of Jimi's music, there is no denying that there never has been, or ever will be a guitarist that has been as copied,coveted,emulated,worshipped or honored as much as Hendrix.

    There can be only One!


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