• For the first time in his career Glenn came to Vienna and hopefully he'll come back soon. It was a superb concert. I think Glenn and Joe also enjoyed the small but cheering crowd. My personal highlight of the show was MISTREATED! It was stunning seeing and hearing Glenn singing that song! Surprisingly Joe did well too, especially his guitar playing was quite good. I'm looking forward to see Glenn in Vienna again.

    "You can't stop Rock n' Roll!"

    "You can't stop Rock n' Roll!"

  • Devil's Road (HTP)
    I Surrender (Rainbow)
    Can't Stop Rock 'n Roll (HTP)
    Death Alley Driver (Turner)
    Stormbringer (Deep Purple, Hughes)
    Jealous Lover (Rainbow, Turner)
    Seventh Star (Black Sabbath, Hughes)
    Mistreated (Deep Purple, Hughes)
    Better Man (HTP)
    King of Dreams (Deep Purple, Turner)
    Ride the Storm (HTP)
    Spotlight Kid (Rainbow, Turner)

    Highway Star
    Burn (Deep Purple)

    "You can't stop Rock n' Roll!"

  • Yes, Axe, my man - I was standing right next to you. Even though I'm well known more as a quiet character at concerts, I caught myself "hands in the air" !!

    Mistreated was a blast, Seventh Star the big surprise.

    I'm only glad I've never had vinegar instead of water, I'd still be sick today. Glenn can tell the whole story!


    "The Boy Can Sing The Blues"

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