Excalibur Festival Spain

  • Glenn Hughes at Excalibur Fest, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) ... or the night I cried three times!!

    :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

    Just back home.... still shocked... stunned... amazed...spellbound...

    First time....The most amazing and thrilling version of Mistreated I've ever heard... I couldnt believe what I was listening.. too perfect and moving to be true... I burst into tears for so much beauty... lol I needed all the tissues I had in my bag!

    Second time... when he talked about a song he loved since he was a kid and then sang it so beautifully... A whiter shade of pale... oooooooohhhhhhh

    and third time... You Keep on moving... wow...wow...wow

    But Mistreated... I still get goosepimples only thinking about it

    ok ok right now I'm too stunned to give a proper review... and set list, just to say he started with The Valiant Denial and the encore was Burn!!! lol

    ...and Glenn said he'll be back in Spain next spring!!! woooohhoooooooooo :bouncer:

    ... my bed is calling me!!!

    more tomorrow... the day after the night I cried three times!!! loool

    Spellbound Inmaculada xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Sounds great! I can't wait for London! I hope we get A Whiter Shade Of Pale because as much as I love the Procal Harum version, Glenn's is on another level!

  • Many thanks Inmaculada for staying up late and checking in for us all - really appreciate that :cool: Look forward to hearing more about it once you've recovered :p

    I can see why you're tired, especially if you stayed to the very end - I understand Tony Martin closed the show, finishing up just before 3:00AM :eek: That's a long one for sure, but certainly good value for money!

  • Well sister...now you know what it felt like!!!!!! :clapper:

    When you finally do recover, share with us all what you told me about the new drummer......:thumbup:


    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • Hi again!...not recovered yet! still shaking and spellbound, something that will never disappear...

    David I wanted to see Tomy Martin, but my back and my feet disagreed... we stayed a while seeing Udo but we finally had to leave... we got exhausted after Glenn's concert!!!

    And unfortunatelly we couldn't see Doro neither, she played at 18:00 and we had some problems and couldnt arrive on time... pity

    Anyway...if I'm not wrong this was the set list:

    The Valiant Denial
    Monky Man

    (Apologizing speech, for what happened last year in the Madrid concert..... no need to apologize Glenn!!!)

    Black Light

    Mistreated (with a fantastic JJ’s solo at the begining and all along the song)

    Don’t Let Me Bleed

    Gettin’ Tighter (dedicated to Tommy Bolin. Drums solo)

    A Whiter Shade of Pale

    Steppin On

    You Keep On Moving


    Burn (after Glenn asked us for which song we wanted them to play and the whole audience shouted BURN!!)

    After a short technical problem with the micro...Glenn spread all his soulfully powerful voice (I guess he maybe has his micro loudly programed to get all his sotto voces an pianos and all those "filigrees" he can make with his voice...but how many singers sing at 30 cms far from the micro, and sometimes even much farer!!!)

    I've already talked about how he sang Mistreated yesterday so I won't bored you just saying again I'm still in shock...:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

    Glenn introduced a new drummer, sorry I don't remember the name... Mark something maybe but don't recall...but Glenn said Chad Smith himself had recommended him that guy and Glenn said "if he's good for Chad then he's good for me!"

    I'm just sorry for not meeting anybody of GHPG, it was not easy with all the people moving here and there...next time we'll have to arrange it before!!!

    OK nothing much more to say than all of you who have been so lucky to see Glenn and the band in a live concert won't know... I'm still floating at the seventh sky

    ............ flying..........


  • Inmaculada have already told the most, an I can only confirm that it was a great show Glenn an the band performed here in Alcalá de Henares. Glenn was in great shape and the audience realy enjoyed this gig.

    The sound was perfect and at a level thet let Glenns voice come to its right. Not to load but load enough :)

    Talked (tried) with some of them and they were realy exited, ..could not understand any english words but sang along the text they had learned after so many times listening over and over.. also to newer stuff.

    The new drummer did a great job also (I don´t remember the name eigther.) .. and Kjelle did some guitarplaying at the new songs.

    I´ll post some pictures when I´m back in Norway at wednesday.

    Summa sumarum ..a great consert!

  • Sounds like another great show.
    Glenn never disappoints at any of his shows...excellent setlist also.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • My gilrfriend was at the gig as well and she had a blast! She was very impressed with Glenn. I am in Canada so I could not get away due to family business but I know I have to see him in Madrid the next time I am there.

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  • His name is Mark Mondesir and he will be on the upcoming tour of Europe.


    Let's try not to go too off topic here, but since Rob mentioned it :)


    Without doubt one of the UK's most extraordinary drumming talents, Mark Mondesir is simply a master of the kit. Born in East London, Mark is largely self-taught, a surprising fact to those who witness his incredible drum independence in action.

    His career really took off when he turned 20 and he has since worked with an incredible line up of top artists including Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, Courtney Pine, Julian Joseph, Kevin Eubanks, John Scofield, The London Symphony Orchestra, Joe Zawinul, Pee Wee Ellis and many more.

    As well as playing drums, Mark is also involved in composing and is an extremely popular clinician.

    More soon - meantime.....so where are your Excalibur pix Rob :p

  • Thank you for those reviews and glad you enjoyed your experience in the company of Big Daddy. But :eek: No Soul Mover! Agh I am going to have to get my protest banner ready for the UK tour. That is one hell of a song but great to see the best songs on M4TD being performed. Oh and Whiter Shade. You know when I saw him do that one last at Stoke, it brought tears to my eyes. That jump in octave when you are least expecting it and you think woah! Yep and Mistreated taken to its next level.

  • Thanks a lot for the reviews :thumbup:
    Can't wait to see and hear it for real in London. As it will be my first "Mistreated" live version and my first Glenn gig, I think I'd better fill my handbag with lots of tissues...Thanks for warning me, Inmaculada...;)


  • HI!!!!

    I think Inmaculada has told you everything, she has explain the feeling in a really good way. Thanks Inmaculada. I only want to add: Thanks Ainhoa for reading the Glenn's apologize, it wasn´t necessary, Glenn said that we are his family, ohhhh:bow: :bow: :bow: big dady.

    The sound was really good, Glenn was all the concert showing us his powerfull voice, "The voice of rock", JJ was playing a gibson guitar and in some old songs like mistrited it sounded like something complete new without the fender sound. Kjelle surprise me playing the guitar in the new songs, and the new drummer did a good jod, but he has to follow all the time marks for JJ and Glenn, he seemed to need more playing with them and to be a great drummer.

    Now some pictures, they have a bad quality.


  • Great pictures all of you !!!!!
    thanks for posting

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Hola Gema!!!
    I cannot believe we were so close, I was at the third row, just in front of JJ!!! with a reflex camera with a big zoom! lol

    You may have seen my girlfriend in front of JJ in the first row. She is the beautiful blonde with some friends :)

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