Hughes Thrall II: Any Updates?

  • All songs are written, vocals and arrangements are more or less complete, but Glenn is waiting on Pat Thrall to get the guitar parts finished up. Whenever that is done the project can be completed.

    So just waiting on Pat :guitarmet

    I just asked Glenn about H/T II about an hour ago, right after the Foxboro show. His exact words were: "Pat will never finish it." :(

    Just a quick follow-up and as jj69 recently asked Glenn's a brief clip for everyone to hear for themselves, when Glenn was asked the same question, just last year, while on tour in Germany.

    Where is Hughes/Thrall II ??

  • i hope im not too far off the mark by writing this but i can only think of 3 things that would make pat thrall not get this album done (1) he has a lot of other work that he contractualy obligated to get done first(2) he doesnt believe in these songs as much as glenn does (3) he doesnt believe in his own musical ability can match anymore what glenn has done on these songs-glenn is a million times stronger now than in the past

  • It really would be a shame if this album never sees the light of day - but I guess with each passing year it becomes more and more unlikely.

    I love Pat Thrall's guitar playing and think the original Hughes/Thrall album is one of the best I've ever heard.

    Anyway, I live in hope.

  • This seems to be becoming the new Chinese Democracy. I really hope it doesn't turn out to be as disappointing as that one cuz sometimes bands just try too hard to match its predecessor. However I have high hopes for the album and I do not believe that Glenn and Pat are capable of releasing a bad album.

    Did they ever say who the other musicians on the album are gonna be?

  • Did they ever say who the other musicians on the album are gonna be?

    Well, it didn't (hasn't) 'gotten to a point where they're thinking about other musicians, since Pat has yet to even complete his part. I don't see this ever getting done. Musically, it is very different to the original release, but still very much an obvious sounding Glenn Hughes/Pat Thrall master class for the 21st century (ie: no hint of the '80s) :)

  • Well I don't mind that won't have that 80s sound as long as the songs are good, which I believe they will be. The s/t is in my top 5 albums ever and I accept that they will not be able to match it but I just want to hear it now.

    As for other musicians, it would be cool if Frankie Banali returned for this one.

  • Pat Thrall is really hard to get a hold of these days. I used to talk to him by email abou ten years ago, and sent him some audio of 'muscle and blood' that my wife and I recorded, but that old studio email is long gone. Amazing how very little of Thrall shows up on a google search. He does not even have a web site.

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