Hughes Thrall II: Any Updates?

  • Hello all,

    With the Reamaster of the original Hughes Thrall getting a lot of attention these days, it seems like everything's gone quiet concerning Hughes Thrall II.

    Has there been any word on a track list or release date? Anything?

  • so that is why glenn seemed upset when asked about the new cd in the last chat -even glenn doesnt know exactly how its going to sound-it must be frustrating for him.

  • I would venture to say that Pat is taking a bit longer on his guitar parts partially because he hasn't been in "the mix" for a while. Glenn has had the good fortune of being able to tour, record and jam with some great musicians on a steady basis since his full-time "return" to the biz. So, he's regained his "edge" , as it were.

    Pat's main focus for the past several years has been on recording and producing other artists, with an occassional guitar part thrown in. His work on the original Hughes-Thrall album was ground-breaking for its time, and Pat was voted "Best-New Talent" by Guitar Player Magazine back then. He has a big rep' to follow-up. I would imagine he is working to make sure that the guitar parts on HT2 blow people away again! :bow:

    Just my humble opinion....


    Let's Kick It With A Tasty Groove :guitarmet

  • This is great...not the delay, that is. I mean the info about Hughes Thrall II. Thanks for enlightening us...

  • Seems like this has been in the works for years and years... I don't think I'll hold my breath waiting for it! LOL

  • It's never coming. Glenn did his part but Pat is way too lazy

    these days. He's much too concerned with playing with his

    pro tools & things. I think he's lost his edge & might not

    like to play anymore. Otherwise why else for such a long

    delay? :confused:

    Too bad really! I love H/T & think the new one would do well.



  • The first album could have been the one the most successful albums of the 80's. When I bought it and first listened to it, I was shocked that it wasn't a hit.

    Hopefully the magic was still there and they came up with something great yet again.

    But it seems like it isn't coming any time soon.

  • This cd is the ultimate tease. Evey year it is listed as a release and every year passes with it not coming out.

    the only bigger tease is any news regarding Van Halen touring/recording.


  • I just asked Glenn about H/T II about an hour ago, right after the Foxboro show. His exact words were: "Pat will never finish it." :(

  • Even though the album itself is all but done, Glenn should
    re-record the rest of the tracks as a solo cd. I'd love to hear
    "Pay The Price". GH shouldn't leave these gems rot on the shelf
    just because Pat is too lazy to do his share of the work.
    Come on Glenn, bring the people what we want! We don't
    need Pat on guitar, just you & the songs :bow:
    Galleyfan :thumbup:


  • If they had the songs, back in the day, GH,JJ and Gary would have had it done in a week. A sad loss to everybody. Pat, we know it can't match HT1- but I'm sure it's gotta be great.


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