JLT Live Between the Eyes DVD release

  • You may have already seen it, but over at http://www.deep-purple.net they report that the previously released (in 1983) video of a Rainbow 1982 show from San Antonio, Texas is coming out on DVD soon with a load of extras.

    I had the video and the show was even broadcast on BBC2 once.
    It'll be nice to get those bonus promo videos :thumbup:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I've always been a big fan of the whole concert DVD format; you can listen if that's all you wan to do, but having the visual to sit down and watch is an added bonus.

    This release will be a nice addition to the collection. Did they give a release date?


  • I will be anxiously awaiting further word on a release of the DVD!!!

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Me too! I've wanted to get this performance ever since I saw bits and pieces of it at a buddy's house in Denver a number of years ago.

    If only they'd release the Finyl Vinyl video on DVD too...


  • If only Todd could click links! :lol: ;)

    Universal are finally getting around to issuing RAINBOW - LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES on DVD. This was filmed at the San Antonio Stadium, Texas, in August 1982 during the Straight Between The Eyes tour. The show was issued on video in 1983 and has been out on laser disc in Japan, but this is the first DVD release in Europe. The video had 10 songs, I assume the DVD will be the same. The DVD also contains as a bonus the video release FINAL CUT (first issued in 1987), which has eight of the later Rainbow promo videos, plus two songs from the Japanese tour of 1984 (sadly the rest of this show has yet to appear officially in Europe).

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • there are 2 dvds. Amazon gives October the 9th for a UK release

    Live Between The Eyes - Tracklist:

    1. Overture: Over The Rainbow
    2. Spotlight Kid
    3. Miss Mistreated
    4. It Can't Happen Here
    5. Tearin Out My Heart
    6. All Night Long
    7. Stone Cold
    8. Power
    9. Blues Interlude
    10. Beethoven's Ninth: Ode To Joy
    11. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
    12. Smoke On The Water

    Final Cut - Tracklist:

    1. Spotlight Kid - Final Cut
    2. Death Alley Driver
    3. I Surrender
    4. All Night Long - The Final Cut
    5. Can't Happen Here
    6. Difficult To Cure
    7. Can't Let You Go
    8. Power - Final Cut
    9. Since You've Been Gone
    10. Stone Cold - Final Cut
    11. Street of Dreams - Final Cut

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • This double DVD set has finally been released in Australia.
    My Mom bought the Betamax version of LBTE from a mail order catalogue (which cost the earth) in 1983 but our Beta died sometime in the late 1980's and I have not watched the show untill this week!

    Needless to say, when this DVD went into the player, the 5.1 surround system was given a severe work out.
    Not only was the picture quality superb, but the sound was just glorious.
    I had it up so loud that my windows were shaking and the floor was rumbling and I think I notice one or two cracks in the kitchen tiles. ;)

    Roger Glovers booming bass could finally be heard and I could actually hear Ritchie switching between pickups, whereas before we had to make do with our old crappy mono TV.

    This certainly brought back memories of watching and rewatching this show as a young teenage lad.

    The bonus disc is The Final Cut [which is something I own on VHS]
    sounds bloody unreal and for me, the standouts are the two live tracks from the 1984 tour, Spotlight Kid and Difficult To Cure which leave me craving for more.
    I wish Universal [or whoever] would bloody release this show onto DVD so we can all enjoy this fantastic band.

    I've been led to believe that Ranbow's Castle Donnington appearance with Bonnet and Cozy Powell was actually filmed.
    That would be fantastic to see- if only for Blackmore and Powell.

    November 13 is the release date for the Rainbow '77 Munich DVD here in Australia.
    I have seen this before, but to own an official DVD will be the greatest dream come true- Blackmore, Dio and Powell on stage!!


  • if anybody still thinking of ordering this dvd i have just purchased a copy from amazon.co.uk,they are selling it for-£7.97!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheap as chips :D

  • if anybody still thinking of ordering this dvd i have just purchased a copy from amazon.co.uk,they are selling it for-£7.97!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheap as chips :D

    Hi Musicman,

    How much is it on american dollars?

    amazon.co.uk ships orders worldwide?

    Look foward for your reply!

    All the Best,

  • hi gustavo,
    i have just checked and amazon.co.uk do indeed ship to your country, £7.97 for dvd,£1.49 per item,£2.09 postage =£11.55
    in total.the exchange rate for the us dollar today is $1.81 so the dvd would cost you roughly $21.00 usd.
    hope this helps you .

  • Just watched the "Live between the eyes" DVD again...I can highly recommend it to any RB fan, really. Great performance. Blackmore creates the typical atmosphere and magic and its a pleasure to watch him. Beside the fact that i know that a lot of people do not like him for some reasons ( I do..lol), he was always and still is a phenomenal songwriter, guitarist and musician. maybe in 20 years from now the ppl will appreciate much more what a gifted and talented artist he was. Thumbs up for this DVD!

    cheers, Achim

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