CONFIRMED 2006 Euro Tour dates

  • Great News David!

    This leaves plenty of time for some quality promotion. This potentially could be a fantastic showcase gig for Glenn that certainly could lend itself to being filmed for future DVD release.

    Do you know if 'Classic Rock' are still sponsoring the re-scheduled show?

    See you saturday and stay fun(ky)

    Mikey D

  • this posted at

    The Shepherd's Bush Empire, London show has been pulled, rescheduled for the same venue for March 25th 2007 to fit in with the full UK tour. Glenn and his manager are really sorry for the problems this will cause, largely it has to be said not of their making. The two low-key dates remain and will go ahead.

    We've been chatting with Glenn Hughes' manager ahead of the new tour and he has expressed frustration at the lack of UK shows. To make up he told us is working to organise another batch of dates for Glenn around March 2007 which will include several of the regular UK venues. More details to follow soon..

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Lunarmile, the British band featuring frontwoman Toni-Marie Iommi (daughter of Black Sabbath guitarist, Tony Iommi) and bassist Alex Hill (son of Judas Priest bassist, Ian Hill), will support Glenn Hughes on his upcoming UK tour in Dudley and Northampton.

    Lunarmile's recently released EP features the three tracks "4 AM", "Get Over Yourself" and "I Know", all of which are also available via iTunes. In addition, the CD format includes a bonus acoustic version of the track, "Stay".

  • Me too, was hoping for a Sheffield/Bradford date, may be the 07 schedule will fit us in, or better still a HT2 show..

  • Just got word from GLENN's management:


    Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, the last four dates of the Glenn Hughes European tour in Zurich (Switzerland), Munich, Koln and Bochum (Germany) have regrettably been cancelled, and all tickets will be refunded.

    Hopefully, the dates will be rescheduled for 2007, but at the time of this announcement, there are no rescheduled dates confirmed.

  • Hi all,

    hope everything is alright with the band etc and it is nothing to serious.

    Now i have to wait until 2007 :( (yep i missed the 2 concerts in holland, bochum was on my list to go to) :sint3: :confused:


  • :( :( :( I booked to Dublin - CANCELLED!

    I booked to Shepherds Bush with hotel - CANCELLED !

    I booked to Germany with hotel - CANCELLED!

    I just hope Glenn and his management appreciate the money that has been spent - not only by me but other hardcore fans that are willing to travel?

    We could do with a full explanation!


    Dpurpleface :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

    The rock gets rockier - whilst the Funk gets Funkier!!! :lol:

  • This is rediculous,
    I have booked return flights, Hotel and car hire to Germany -CANCELLED
    I also booked London with Hotel - CANCELLED
    Not a happy bunny

    ME -> :axemurderer:

  • Like a flash from nowhere, all German tour dates are canceled.
    I`m very sad and angry about that.

    Why only the german dates :confused:

    :huh: :huh: :huh:


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