CONFIRMED 2006 Euro Tour dates

  • Actually Daniel i am doing both those two. I meant for more UK shows in Bradford, Sheffield, Edinburgh etc at the end, that more Northerly folk could get to. that would make it the "5 or 6" uk shows they originally mentioned.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • A few 'extra' shows at the end of the tour would sure tie in well with the 'Hughes Thrall' release!!!!

    Stay Fun(ky)

    Mikey D

  • Hi,

    Really surprised the tour doesn´t include a Stockholm date. Glenn was explicitly happy with both the size and demographics of the crowd on the Soul Mover tour :( Further Glenn has lived here + it is (almost) JJ´s home town. Well, I guess they don't wanna spoil us too much - he was her both in ´05 and in ´04 (HTP)...

    David/Shirean - do you happen to know of an explanation (should there be one..) :confused:


    PS. Many thanks - got the T-shirt eventually. Will make a terrific tent next summer... :D Kidding - my girlfriend worked a bit on it and now it fits like a glove at its proud owner Ds.

  • Hi,

    David/Shirean - do you happen to know of an explanation (should there be one..) :confused:

    Sounds like a question for GLENN ;) Be sure to join us for the CHAT on Sunday, October 15th :cool:

    PS. Many thanks - got the T-shirt eventually. Will make a terrific tent next summer... :D Kidding - my girlfriend worked a bit on it and now it fits like a glove at its proud owner Ds.

    Pleased to hear the Swedish post office finally found you :D :thumbup:

  • My friends and fellow GHCP,

    since I will not be able to join you for the chat on sunday, I have decided to throw in my 2 cents just now...

    This string of European Tour Dates to me looks like a rushed second chance affair that was booked 30 seconds before midnight.

    Why do I say this?

    You've got 26 dates, but you only have half a dozen in "name" venues, and a dozen more in "name" cities.
    *) London - Shepherds Bush - that leaked so early (Classic Rock), that it must have been booked much earlier than the rest of the Tour.
    *) JB's, Dudley - Glenn always gets the gig, doesn't he?!
    *) Moscow (2 shows!) - Hello, Michael Men! Probably just one phone call and the show is on.
    *) The Fabrik in Hamburg, "name" venue
    *) The Zeche in Bochum, dito
    *) and the A387 in Budapest aswell.
    *) and Zaandam.
    I will not go through the whole list, only pick out examples:
    Why play Nitra, when there's Bratislava?
    Hengelo - sorry, I have never heard of it, I even can't find it on the map, but I sure know where Amsterdam is, or Tilburg!
    The venues in Croatia, Slovenia and even Paris are still tbc.

    I must admit that the (cancelled) Woergl date on the Soul Mover Tour was the strangest choice of venue, but then again it was on the way from Italy to Germany where the flights to Cyprus were probably leaving. So that was logical.

    What I'm trying to say is, that I think this list is a little odd, and it just looks like all the better venues were already booked, so alternative offers had to be looked for and that's what took so long in the end.

    Somebody has posted, that an Autumn Tour usually is organised in the late spring/early summer, when there's still enough room.

    Today I saw an ad for a Beyoncé show here in Vienna, in May 2007!
    imo this is a missed chance to promote the album and the man in a proper way.

    I will try and make it to Nitra and Budapest, maybe Munich even though this is a very long drive for me (5 hours, one way).

    As Paul has said, it's a shame that I can't make it to the Dudley gig, but sometimes life plays its tricks on you and you just can't change it.

    Rant is over.
    Thanks for listening. Remember, this is just, how things appear to me, and I don't want anybody to take this personally.

    :confused: C.



  • At the MOR show this June we were handed flyers telling us about DP's UK tour next March 2007 and tickets went on sale 2 days later. OK, Purple are still a big band in terms of venues and have the resources to organize this but Glenn should be planning next years schedules now. A Hughes Thrall tour is as unlikely as one with Iommi so he may as well get one organised for his next solo release.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • damm you guys! something is better than nothing (which is what i got-nothing!)

  • The reason why so many of us are annoyed with the tour schedule is that Glenn and his music deserves much better than a set of dates thrown together in haphazard mannerat the last minute.

    Music for the Divine came out in June, so surely the ideal time for the tour around Europe would have been in late spring early summer to tie in with the release and to maximise publicity.
    Having a tour six months later is probably not going to have any noticeable effect on sales, get little media attention and will only pull in the diehard fans.

    It is so frustrating that in the past 5 years or so Glenn has produced some of the best work of his career with four great solo albums and his management and record company are not making the most of his ability by failing to organise tours and promotional activites that will bring his music to a wider audience.

    I have been playing Glenns music to friends, collegues at work and family and a group of 5 (3 new converts!) of us were going to watch Glenn if he played Bradford, Sheffield or Manchester, however, as there are no dates in the north this tour this initial interest may be lost.

    I appreciate that Glenn will never again reach the peaks achieved in the 70`s with Deep Purple, however he should be doing far better than playing in some of the venues he is booked into. For this his management should hang their heads in shame.

  • Iain,

    I so totally agree with every single word that you wrote,
    that it is.....truly.....scary.

    Here's the one exception:

    I appreciate that Glenn will never again reach
    the peaks achieved in the 70`s with Deep Purple,

    Give Glenn Hughes the right place, and the right time (in the US)
    and I believe that GH solo, can surpass the DP peaks of the 70s.



  • i still have to say at least its something - i wonder how many usa dates will be announced?:confused:

  • Hi Tony,

    I appreciate that not a lot and the promise of a little more is far better than nothing at all and i can understand your frustration, however i would really appreciate your ideas on why Glenn does not tour the USA.

    Is this down to a lack of venues or the lack of an audience for his music?

    However, in a country of 300 million i would have thought that there should be a sizeable market, as i was always under the impression that the states was a major market for rock music. So surely Glenn could mange a tour in his own right or as a support act.

    So some one please give me your views, ideas or theories for why Glenn does not tour the USA, i dont understand this at all.

  • Here's what I have come to find out through family,friends,associates and strangers.I was playing the soul mover cd one day and people actually thought that papa was african-american.Then, when I told them he was english and who he was(Trapeze,Deep Purple,Black sabbath,Klf,Gary Moore and solo cds) They said, Trapeze was too country fried bluesy-rock for them.They said,when he was in Deep Purple with Coverdale it was not rock any more it was too bluesy and funky for them and Deep Purple was and always will be Gillian and Blackmore.They said,when he was in Sabbath that it again was too bluesy for them it was not the heavy Sabbath they were used to with Ozzy and even Dio.They never heard of Klf and They had no comment on papa's stint with Gary Moore.As for Papa's solo cd's they said,Judging from his prior work with bands past, That they catagorized him.They figuered Glenn Hughes,you will get blues and funk.Now, some people said his music was too spiritual.While others said,After hearing my soul mover cd that they liked it and Glenn could really sing but,why should they buy his music when they can buy any African-American R&B artist cd and hear the same thing? Most people who have heard me play my soul mover cd usually say that, especially when I play the songs soul mover,she moves ghostly,high road,isolation,dark star,last mistake and land of the living.I know I read on the slitcoa cd liner notes that papa's influence on music had some very impressive african-american names on there.While that's great and all,A lot of rockers in this country want to hear full on rock.While the R&B, bluesy,funk people want to hear full on r&b,blues and funk.Where do you fit Glenn in at? Personally, I like that he is multi-faceted! It's unique and leave you wanting more!But, some people don't get that or don't like that.Like for example, over here where I live they call any artist who is caucasian and happen to play blues,r&b,funk,rap,hiphop and even some jazz blue eyed music.The few people who I have heard say that,I asked them why? They said,to them certain music should only be sung and accepted by certain people!Everything else is wannabes.Of course I was Floored!However,everyone has a right to their own opinion and as opinionated as I am I respect their right to do so.I would want the same respect for mine.I don't agree with their opinions and I find them sad and out-dated and closed-minded.With people like that and you add the pop craze in this country in the mix,you have a recipe for disaster! Then, fans of Glenn's in this country suffer, because we don't get to see him play a usa tour :(

  • iain please dont take my comments personally -i just couldnt understand why everyone could be so upset about tour dates (a chance to see glenn perform) of course we all want to see glenn do well -we wouldnt be on this forum if we didnt -as far as him not touring here i think mr swan said on one of the podcasts that they dont believe there is enough of a fan base here -david has said many times that no promoter here will back him - i hope you understand now why i wrote those comments

  • David, i was going to post 3 separate topics on this - 1 per UK show.
    Maybe you can work your magic and sort it :D ;)

    Anyway, i will be at JB's(along with Pete and Achim) and pretty certain to make the Northampton one too. London show is just not convenient for me im afraid.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

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