CONFIRMED 2006 Euro Tour dates

  • Big Daddy back in Oslo!! :bow:

    Almost 13 years to the day since his first show here (which i helped to arrange at Elm Street 15.11.93) - and 12 years since the last time he graced these shores as a solo artist (although he was on norwegian water last year at "rock the boat")!!

    And what a bonus that [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Mark Mondesir will be on the drums - i enjoyed his work with Courtney Pine - will have to check out some more between now and November :)


  • hi guys
    i cant belive it glenns jbs gig clashes with fire fest 3 on sat 28th at rock city
    i wonder if his promoters are aware of this?

    ive got to see glenn twice again dos'e anyone have any info on this new gig roadmender in northhampton

  • hi,

    getting nervous at lack of further british dates. David, i know i sound like a stuck record, or should that be cd, will there be any more uk dates???? :huh:

    Thanks, Paul

  • Here now are the confirmed tour dates - please note the change of venue in Koln, Germany (Nov.29th).

    GLENN HUGHES "Music For The Divine" EUROPEAN TOUR 2006

    28th Dudley, UK - JB'S

    29th London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire *

    31st Northampton, UK - Roadmender

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Classic Rock sponsored Shepherd Bush Empire show originally scheduled for Sunday, October 29th, 2006, will now take place in March or April 2007.

    Just waiting on the venue to confirm - it will be either Sunday, March 25th or Monday, April 2nd - for the rescheduled Shepherds Bush Empire, London show.

    Original tickets will be valid for the new date.

    If needed, refunds are available from the outlet where tickets purchased.

    + UK gig tickets can be purchased online by visiting either See Tickets or ents24 based in the UK.


    Dolhain-Limbourg, Belgium - Le Kuursaal

    Verviers, Belgium - Spirit Of '66
    3rd Hengelo, Holland - Metropool
    4th Zaandam, Holland - Club Kade
    5th Hamburg, Germany - Fabrik
    7th Moscow, Russia - Kremlin Palace
    9th St. Petersburg, Russia - Ice Hall
    10th Helsinki, Finland - Virgin Oil Company
    11th Moscow, Russia - Big Sports Arena
    13th Oslo, Norway - Smuget
    14th Karlskrona, Sweden - Kino
    15th Copenhagen, Denmark - Amager Bio
    17th Prague, Czech. Republic - Retro Music Hall
    18th Budapest, Hungary- A38

    19th Nitra, Slovakia - Club Tatra

    19th Bratislava, Slovakia - Divadlo Arena

    21st Zagreb, Croatia - Sax!

    22nd Ljubljana, Slovenia - Cvetličarna Mediapark
    24th Cermenate, (Como), Italy - Black Horse
    25th Colle Val D'Elsa, (Siena), Italy - Sonar

    26th Zurich, Switzerland -



    27th Munich Germany - Metropolis


    29th Koln, Germany - Stollwerk


    30th Bochum, Germany - Zeche


    ** Just got word from GLENN's management:

    "Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, the last four dates of the Glenn Hughes European tour in Zurich (Switzerland), Munich, Koln and Bochum (Germany) have regrettably been cancelled, and all tickets will be refunded.

    Hopefully, the dates will be rescheduled for 2007, but at the time of this announcement, there are no rescheduled dates confirmed."


    1st Paris, France - Venue (TBC) ***

    *** Just got word from Carl, GLENN's manager about the Paris, France date that was to be confirmed for December 1st....unfortunately.....

    "I can confirm that the Paris show, (TBC for Dec 1st) will not happen, as the agents are unable to secure a suitable venue for this date. This now means that Bochum, Germany, on November 30th, will be the last show on this first leg of the MUSIC FOR THE DIVINE tour, and as we were going to add some French dates for the second leg in March 2007, we will now try for a Paris show for this time."
  • After all the waiting since the summer for these dates all we get is Just three dates in England and nothing in the north or the rest of the UK this is really annoying :mad: :mad: :mad: As many of us are not able to travel hundreds of miles overnight due to work and family commitments.

    I thought that with Soulmover and MFTD doing so well, Glenn was building up some real momentum at last and i am sure more Uk dates would have helped raise his profile after all on the last few tours he has played at least 6 different venues.

    Are there any plans for a proper tour next year or is that it for the foresseeable future? :huh:

  • Hi

    I have the same problem. Surprised at so few uk dates, but there you go. Had such a great turnout in Sheffield on the soulmover tour. Do not think i will manage any shows either :(

    Glenn, hope the tour goes well,


  • :) Thanks for the reply David. At least that gives us a little bit of hope for the future, the Soulmover tour now seems a long time ago.

    I hope that the tour goes well and good luck for the London gig i hope there is a big crowd and this enables Glenn to play a few decent size venues around the UK.

  • Well, on behalf of all of us who live north of Dudley and especially my brothers in Scotland (hi wiessheim!!), I have to say that disappointment at the lack of dates is an understatement.

    Whilst I am unable to attend the dates due to my wedding, I does not make sense having no date further north, when on the Soul Mover tour he played in Scotland and always has pulled a good crowd at Rio's in Bradford.

    Its like 2 steps forward and G's popularity increases and then 3 steps back and the North gets hit again.

    Is it management pressure or what?

    If G can give us a true answer that would be fabulous.

    Sorry for the rant, but those who have posted here over the years will have seen my past rants on not playing up North regularly.


  • I know David said ask the Q in chat , but basically it's out of Glenns hands .. there are sooo many logistics to overcome when organising these events , it really does boil down to "you can please some of the people some of the time" etc ect .. i know , i don't want to sound flippant .. but it's true ..

    - Ritchie

  • No its not true, its to do with planning a tour well enough in advance so that you can have a sensible and practical set of dates.

    For example a tour including these dates in this order Glasgow, Newcastle, Bradford, Manchester, Dudley, Nottingham , London, Southhampton. would minimise travel between dates and enable fans in most areas of the country to get to a gig with a bit of travel.

    The real problem with the current tour is that Glenns management seemed to be trying to arrange dates only one to two months in advance and of course many venues will already be booked up especially on the key nights of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    If we are going to have proper full Uk tour (at least 8 dates), then it needs to be planned now for February/March at the earliest in order to get a workable schedule. From what David has inferred this may be possible but we should not willingly accept a second best schedule.

    Lets get some campaign going, to get some decent dates and hopefully Chad might also be available by then and that would really help to raise Glenns profile and possibly get some radio and tv coverage.

  • hi

    I'm with you Iain on this one. Whilst spreading his wings and arranging more European dates, Glenn's homeland gig numbers are reduced!! Now i know how my fellow ghcp's across the pond feel!

    A bit gutted really, sorry, but this is how i feel [did you see what i did there!!]

    Been looking forward to seeing Glenn again after a sensational performance on on the soul mover tour.

    Just have to look forward to the re issue of Hughes/Thrall and the H/T 2


  • i am wondering if a few more UK dates can be added to the end after the Paris show seeing as thats now 10 days earlier than originally announced. I would have thought Glenn would pop back from France to see his folks here before going back to the USA for Xmas.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Paul, surely either JBs or the Roadmender must be a possibility for you?

    We only get 1 date in Sweden and that will probably mean going to see them in Denmark too. Gotta do the best with what you get you know...

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