CONFIRMED 2006 Euro Tour dates

  • Cancellations are always the worst thing that can happen to fans, and I'm sure that Glenn is not very happy about this too.
    The whole tour has obviously been a shaky affair (new band, last minute announcements, cancellations, venue changes, etc.), so let's hear the news when this Tour is over and hope for a big one in 2007.
    I can't wait to see the show on Sunday and hope it doesn't get cancelled. For those who have been here for a while, you know what I mean...


    Hey David,
    I was wondering if there is some kind of swearword filter embedded in the forum script that turns the bad words into little stars like those *** above....



  • When Glenn and his band visited Oslo Monday this week, his manager told us that they were coming back in March next year. Does anyone know anything about the shows in 2007? I was told that there was going to be four gigs in Norway in March. If anyone knows what places he is going to play at, I would love to hear about it...


  • Due to unknown reasons the Zagreb gig has been cancelled. Glenn's management found out about it today, on the day of the actual gig. The band will travel straight on to Ljubljana.


    - Fedor

  • From a reliable source I've heard that the last few dates where cancelled due to an irrisponsible agent for not getting contracts signed and promo started with enough leeway.

  • The only confirmed gig for 2007 so far is London on March 25th. Not to worry, the others will follow in the New Year.

    I can't make the 25th, sadly. So I'm waiting to hear some more confirmed UK dates for the tour, fingers crossed....:thumbup:

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