Will Glenn play gig in Scotland?

  • Hi there, thought I'd try a post - just wondering whether Glenn will include Scotland this time? Soulmover tour stop in Edinburgh was great!!

    M4TD is a real grower - Black Light, This House, You Got Soul, are so so good, after maybe not being as immediate as the opening three. Of the recent albums Soulmover was really good, but M4TD definitely grooves along nicely!

    From the live songs aired - is Glenn using a new drummer this tour

  • I have already had a good rant in another forum thread, about the organisation of the tour and the dates.

    So after looking at the dates so far available.

    Glenn is playing

    Dublin on October 24th
    Dudley 28th
    London 29th

    and is in Belgium on the 2nd November

    that leaves only 6 spare nights October 25,26,27, 30,31 and November 1st.

    Also Glenn normally plays 2 nights and has one day to rest and travel so it probably means that there will only be 3 more dates in the Uk at the most, to be fitted in to the existing schedule.

    I hope that i am wrong about this and live in hope for a more extensive tour with a date in Manchester where Glenn hasn`t played a gig for over ten years. As for many of use it is imposssible to travel around the country for mid week gigs

  • I know exactly what you mean. It's very frustrating.
    I can only get to one gig this tour, so do i buy a ticket for Dudley or wait and see if he is playing Rio's at Bradford ,which is just up the road,and risk the chance of Dudley selling out :huh:

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