Message from Tom and Mel Galley

  • Met Mel for a pint or three today. And Hackney made it this time too :thumbup: Thanks for the drink John ;)

    A lot to report for you all.

    First off, its Tom Galley's birthday today and i spoke to him too - more of which later.

    Mel says he has no recollection of Colin Owen but does remember those bands back in the day. As for his claims of recording Trapeze at a club - bo**ocks. As other's have said he lists stuff from their third album. Hackneys cousin Pete remembers them but not had contact with them for many years. Pete Goalby was a singer with Fable for a while by the way. One of the members of Light Fantastic has a mobile phone shop here in Cannock.

    Dr Denbow, Mel used to be in the bar on TFI every week at one time and was good friends with Chris Evans. His son even walked the gantry at the start of the show once to the cheers of the crowd and was introduced as someone who is "not famous at all but the son of one of my mates" and was then off again! :lol:

    The pics i posted of Glenn at 15 do show him playing an Epiphone and a Burns Bison. Cant remember who posted that but well done :thumbup:

    The "unknown" tracks from the Trapeze show at the Blue Onion in 1971 have been identified. Mel remembered the riffs but it was Tom who had the detail.

    Track 3 is "Walking with my Gun" by Mel and Tom
    Track 4 is "Making it through" by Mel and Tom
    Track 5 is "Slipping Away" by Mel and was written when still a 5 piece band.
    Track9 is "Knockin down the Door" by Glenn. The OK bit was added by Glenn that night as they were playing in Oklahoma.

    Hopefully you collectors know what i am on about :lol: :D

    Finally, latest news on the old Phenomena albums from Tom that a few of you asked about.

    Tom says that he owns the publishing rights but not the full rights to remix/remaster/reissue them. It has been an ongoing legal matter for years and hopefully will be resolved one day.

    Hope some of this was of interest and use to you.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Thanks Wolfy, for your latest report. Interesting every time!
    Next time you see Mel I'd be interested if he remembers anything
    about the 1971 Trapeze tracks called "Bad Kid From School", "Do You Wanna Stay" or "Catching Up On You". They where ideas that never made it onto an album.

    all the best,

    - Fedor

  • All kidding aside,
    I really hope that Mel is writing this stuff down for "the book."
    (Use a 3-ring loose leaf binder, so you can add or move around the extra pages
    as you remember the sequence of things, Mel.)

    Looks as if Tom Galley should help out as the editor.

    And if they can find the guy who sang vocals, to add a few comments,
    that would be OK, too ;)


  • Thanks Wolfy for the great post, and all the inside info :thumbup: ...sure would have been nice to be on a stool next to you guys listening and knocking down a few pints...hmmmm......let's see, would it be John Courage, Newcastle, or maybe some Youngers Tartan Ale from up North! ;)

    Let's Kick It With A Tasty Groove :guitarmet

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