• Gabrielle kindly forwarded on a brief snippet of news about the Voices of Classic Rock show at the Akasaka Blitz night club that took place in Tokyo last night.

    "...The Voices show last night in Tokyo was great. Shane Gaalaas and Billy Sheehan who are in Japan right now, came to the show.

    For the encore of Smoke on the Water, Billy joined the band to play bass and Shane played percussion.

    Glenn said that Billy told him while playing "THIS IS GREAT!" - they all had a very fun time, and it was great to see Billy & Shane."

    This performance sounds like a blinder, not a bad start to their whirlwind Far East Tour :cool:

  • According to our friend Kaoru, the set list was ...

    LaLaLa / Pat Travers
    Boom Boom / Pat Travers
    So Into You / Ronnie Hammond
    Imaginary Lover / Ronnie Hammond
    Make You a Believer / Sass Jordan
    High Road Easy / Sass Jordan
    Winning / Alex Lightwood
    Hold On / Alex Lighthwood
    Black Magic Woman / Alex Lightwood
    Woman From Tokyo / JLT
    Stormbringer / GH
    Hush / JLT
    Misterated / GH
    Stone Cold / JLT
    Burn / GH
    Highway Star / GH&JLT

    Smoke On The Water (with Billy and Shane)

  • Back in July 2002, the now defunct Voices of Classic Rock performed at Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo, Japan.

    GLENN performed an awesome rendition of Smoke On The Water along with Joe Lynn Turner, Alex Ligertwood, Pat Travers and others, including special guests such as Billy Sheehan and Shane Gaalaas.

    Enjoy :cool:

  • Great clip, good to see Billy Sheehan in action and Pat Travers. I'm pleased this lot broke up, they all have good original music left in them yet, especially our Glenn :singer:

  • Quote from Paul

    Great clip, good to see Billy Sheehan in action and Pat Travers. I'm pleased this lot broke up, they all have good original music left in them yet, especially our Glenn :singer:

    Yes, because it was pathetic when they had singers doing songs they had nothing to do with, just because they were in that band, instead of doing more songs they did do with the various bands.


  • Hey John,

    Reading your message made me flash back on a June evening in 2003. The Voices Of Classic Rock were onstage in Orlando and it was Joe Lyn Turner's time at the mike. You would think that maybe a Rainbow song like "I Surrender" or "Jealous Lover" would have been a far more suitable choice for him to showcase his talent. But, alas, there he was, belting out "Hush" and "Woman From Tokyo"......and we know who sang those originally don't we?

    And Alex Ligertwood certainly sang his share of radio hits during his lengthy tenure as the frontman for Santana, yet there he was, serving up "Oye Como Va" and " Black Magic Woman". I agree with your point and understand your feelings but there is one factor that needs to be considered.

    One must keep in mind the audience at the VCR shows. They are generally causal fans of the groups whose material is performed on stage. They hear the songs and go,"Oh yeah..I remember that song from high school/college/driving in the car/ getting stoned to...." They could tell you the name of the song....they might remember the name of the band..but they couldn't tell you when the bass player quit or which of the several lead singers actually sang the hit singles. And they probably don't care either. They think Joe Lyn Turner is a NASCAR driver or that Fergie Frederiksen is a goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs. They get the hits, all the hits and nothing but the hits...and go home happy!

    All of us here are; either far more knowledegable/ a touch obssessed/ hopeless liner note junkies.....And we come to the shows expecting more! But we are just a small chunk of the audience. That is why we are all here on the Fan Forum......we know that GHCP doesn't stand for Glenn Hughes Casual Phan!! :D

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • :eek: :eek: :eek:

    wow, another excellent clip, David! Thanks!

    Some mighty screams from Glenn there, especially the one near the end of the guitar solo :bow:

    And more proof that Billy Sheehan is not from this planet :bow: :huh:

    I saw the Man live, part of Steve Vai's Band also featuring the great Mr. Tony MacAlpine, less than a month ago, and all I can say is that this guy is not from this earth.

    That night really has left a big smile on my face and still does every time I think about it....

    Christian :D



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