• Actually a very entertaining video...but yes Conchita, it IS a bit disturbing ;) ...Bet it took them a hella long time to choreograph that one!! :lol:

    Gee... does this mean that Glenn will have to perform his next Music Video on roller skates to get some more PR :huh:

    Oh, BTW, while we're on You Tube...here's a video of one of my favorite acoustic guitarists, Erik Mongrain....


    Absolutely AMAZING technique! He and Justin King have the acoustic tapping style down cold:bow:

    I'd love to hear Glenn do some songs with Erik backing him up.

    Peace, Jaz

  • Well, compared to most of the ka-ka that I see and hear everyday on the radio and Video channels, I sorta liked it...in a very strange sorta way :confused:

    Do think the roller skates is a pretty happening idea Bassboy !!! Maybe a skateboarder or two to go with them :rolleyes:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • :bouncer: This guy in the guitar realy is something!
    About the dancing one... Hilarious!
    I made one thing almost like that, with the "barbie girl" song!

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