2006 Euro Tour Schedule status...

  • From Glenn's management:

    "Glenn's European tour is scheduled to begin Tuesday, October 24th in Dublin, Ireland and tentatively scheduled to end on Monday, December 11th in Paris, France.

    Final confirmations are being made at the moment, and as it will be Glenn's most intensive and important solo tour yet, we want to be 100% sure on the schedule before we go to press with the dates.

    There will be 5 or 6 British dates - including a prestigious show at Shepherds Bush Empire in London on Sunday, October 29th - and the European dates will include some new territories, as well as some cities that Glenn has not played in for many years, so full details will be posted once everything is approved and confirmed."

  • i'll have to see the other dates and locations before deciding if im going down to the london gig. i'm presuming a home gig in Dudley as usual. but great news Glenn is playing some new places. If the Dublin show had been on a weekend we may have gone over and made a long weekend of it.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Carl, why not the south of France ?

  • hi Glenn

    Can see that you are online at the moment. Hurry up with those tour dates!! :)

    Thanks for the hours of enjoyment you have given us over the years.

    see you soon,


  • From the Spirit of 66 website:

    02.11.2006 GLENN HUGHES (uk)

    This show will take place in 4831 LIMBOURG ( Salle Kursaal)

    His recent show in June in our club was one of the very best we had since the club is open !

  • Got our tickets ... hurrah!!!!
    ...well actually..... haven't "got" them yet because they haven't been printed - but have ordered and paid for them!!!!

  • the UK shows are gonna be during school half term week by the look of it. dont know if this will scupper anyone's plans to attend.

    the new edition of Classic Rock has the same full page advert by Shepherds Bush Empire as last month with Glenn at the top.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • As a loyal Glenn fan for over 30 years, it really pains me to be critical but the arrangements for the European tour seem to be a bit of a shambles.

    First it was to be late summer , then September, now it appears to be Late October/ November.

    On top of this i am going to have to miss the Uk leg of the tour because of half term holidays, this is really annoying and even more annoying is the lateness in announcing the dates for the tour.

    We have been promised these tour dates from early summer but week after week, there have been messages of be patient they will be out next weekend.

    Now it looks like the UK dates will be the last week in October (though there is still no official annoncement), this is only five weeks away, how are people meant to make arrangements at short notice like this.

    I only hope that that i can get to at least one of the European dates at a weekend if there are flights from Manchester or Liverpool :mad:

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