London Astoria to close

  • I've just heard that the London Astoria is to close, having been sold off. I knew it was on the cards but this truely is sad news :( It's the only decent sized, fairly easy to get to, venue in Central London.

    I've just signed a petition, but I guess this won't have much sway against what must amount to a massive money-spinning deal.

    I am gutted....... :(

  • Hi!

    Is this including the small Astoria where Glenn used to play? I never really liked that place. Too much of a dark watering hole if you ask me, with mediocre acoustics.



  • I have to agree with Fedor - although it's sad to see yet another rock venue disappear from the London map, this place was a real pit and never really catered to the punters. It certainly was convenient to get to, but that didn't really make up for the fact, you got treated like sardines!!

  • The Mean Fiddler (which used to be the LA2 where I think Glenn played before - I missed it sadly :( ) is the smaller of the 2 and as it's owned by them I guess they are both going. The whole site is being re-developed.

    Yeah I know what you mean about "Sardines"! But to be honest - a lot of the venues in London feel like that to me. Shepherds Bush isn't much better when it's full up - a friend of mine passed out once in there because it was so packed - it was so hot. It's OK when the band haven't sold out to be quite honest - but otherwise, unless you are over 6 foot tall - you won't see a thing. Same goes for the Underground, Islington Acadamy, Garage etc. Having said that, I prefer the smaller ones if it's not packed because it's more intimate. The Forum is quite good - wish more bands would play there instead. I quite like Brixton Acadamy too.

    The bigger venues like Hammersmith Apollo are OK if you can get a decent seat - but same goes really if it's standing and sold out it can be grim (bar prices are stupid and very limited choice). The last gig I went to there - Whitesnake - the acoustics were terrible in there too!!! Prices for tickets are also getting out of hand - especially at the bigger venues.

    The Royal Albert Hall is lovely - but even then, depending on where you sit - the sound isn't great.

    Maybe I'm just too picky!!:huh:

  • Sad to see another venue goin down. There realy is not much left. I always thought the Rainbow in Finsbury Park was the best London venue.

    There I am showing me age...

  • Spooky, at the Rainbow I saw Thin Lizzy, Quo, and Slade, James Hunt the f1 driver was at the Slade gig I know this because he pushed me out of the way to get to the toilet.

    Well they did call him "Hunt the .....shunt!!!"

    Never saw Rainbow, a great regret though will be getting the new dvd.

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