New Jersey Private Bash IV

  • This weekend GLENN and his band played a private event in New Jersey, USA. Firstly, we have to thank Mike Moore and family for the invitation, hospitality and for making it all possible, as well as all his close friends for again welcoming us with open arms. It was great to meet up with old friends and also to make a few new ones. Also, kudos to Mike for allowing us to have Todd, Chip and Ann Burstyn in attendence. It was made extra special for Ann, as no doubt, a dream came true for her, when she joined GLENN onstage to duet a unique version of Coast To Coast.

    GLENN's band this time around featured Jeff Kollman on guitar, Gary Ferguson on drums and Ed Roth on keys.

    As a couple of the lucky attendees, Shirean and I witnessed a fantastic electric/acoustic set, featuring one song never played live before, in addition to some new ones from Music For The Divine, not previously played live by the band members in attendence.

    The setlist was as follows:

    Soul Mover - Orion - Monkey Man - Whiter Shade Of Pale - Land Of The Livin' - Don't Let Me Bleed - Steppin' On
    Mistreated - Overjoyed - Coast To Coast - I Found A Woman - It's About Time - In My Blood - You Got Soul
    Nights In White Satin - Gettin' Tighter - You Keep On Movin'

    Higher Ground - Superstition - Sunshine Of Your Love

    As you can see, that's quite a set list and in fact, the most songs GLENN has played in a live set for a very, very long time.

    I expect you'll see alot more pix later on, as between them, Todd & Chip shot well over 500 :camera:

    Meantime, here are a couple and also attached some movie clips!


    Gary Ferguson

    Jeff Kollman

    Ed Roth

    Gary and GLENN

    Jeff, GLENN and Gary

    Ann Burstyn and GLENN


    GLENN and the band

  • EXTREMLY outstanding!! I thought my hat would would lift off when I read "Its about Time" in the setlist!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek:

    Ann, that was great! Long time no see on the board! But u surprised all of us in standing on stage with big daddy. What a blast!

    Well done, Achim

  • Superstition! WOW! Stevie Wonder's Overjoyed, I gather? That is one hell of a setlist!

    It must have been an awesome party :cool:


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  • I had a wonderful time in Jersey this past weekend - thanks so much to incredible host Mike Moore, and to David and Shirean for passing Mike's invitation along. The setting was intimate, the food was superb and the music was...well, you know...spectacular! Big Daddy never fails to impress, and he exceeded my expectations yet again. Jeff Kollman did JJ's guitar parts justice on the 'Music for the Divine' and 'Soul Mover' material. "In My Blood", from 'Songs in the Key of Rock', was driving and intense. Seeing Glenn play guitar was a treat - he did so on "Coast to Coast", "I Found a Woman" and "It's About Time". And the cover songs were well-chosen, not only allowing Glenn to highlight music by one of his biggest influences (Stevie Wonder), but in the case of "Sunshine of Your Love", allowing the band to take the stage for a second encore and play a little longer! :bouncer:
    I shot a lot of pictures, and many of them are crap. But I'll post a few decent ones if I can...:confused:


  • Great report, mate. Wish I could have been there with ya too..:(
    Glad you had a great time though!
    cheers, Achim

  • Ann knows how I feel about this one ;)

    You rocked, sweetheart. An honour - for you both :bow:


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Thanks for the clips - truly amazing! Seeing big daddy play the guitar is really cool. Hats off for Ann for singing Coast to Coast with Glenn... well done Ann. I bet that was another great day in Jersey.

    - Fedor

    PS It's About Time live... outta sight!

  • Ok...I posted a few of my photos over in the GALLERY. I knew Chip and the Harrisons would be shooting all in color, so I opted to go a different route and shoot in B&W...well, technically "sepia". Enjoy...oh, and sorry about the size if you click on them to try and view a bigger version - you'll get a bigger version than you bargained for :lol:


  • I'd like to say "thank you" to Mike Moore and family for allowing a bunch of us GHCP into your home. Also to David and Shirean for...well...everything. Including this site. Todd, for another successful GH road trip, one of many. And last but not least, to Big Daddy himself for assembling a great band and putting on, yet another amazing performance.


  • Hey all! Nice to see you again!! Missed everyone here. I've been super busy as usual!

    Thanks for all your kind words re: 'Coast to Coast'.

    I only wish I would have sung full out-instead of holding back! I was so nervous! I didn't know exactly how I was going to sing the song-I just went with the flow the best I could. I had a few different versions of it going though my head so I kept faltering! :eek: EEK! Somehow I made it through! Lol!

    Glenn was very sweet about the whole thing-as he always is with his fans. It was a true honour and blast of an experience!! :) :bow:

    Love and light to all my GHCP friends!!

    Ann xoxo

  • :bow: Wow.....I feel so unworthy! This is my first time to this page/forum. I actually followed a link from a bulletin that Ann posted on MySpace, and I glad that I did! What I would have given to just be a fly on the wall at that private show. I love the intamacy that informal/private shows allow between the band and the fans.

    I just saw Glenn for the first time in 2004 at the Hard Rock Hotel Annual Birthday Bash. I was completely blown away. I stood directly in front of Glenn the entire show (probably with my jaw to the floor) unable to turn away from that voice. That amazing voice! What an incredable gift. That show was farely small (a couple hundred people) and intimate.but at the same time, it was one of the most enjoyable shows I've ever seen. Glenn & J.J. Marsh both gave me a guitar pick and I also was given a drum stick from Chad Smith. In was the last show he (Chad) played before he got married. And I believe it was Ed Roth playing on the totally funkadelic keyboard/organ. Please forgive me if I am wrong. That night I became a Glenn Hughes fan for life. My friends had been talking about the show for months and never having seen Glenn sing before, I was naive to their excitement. I was completely astonished!!! I was fortunate enough to see him one more time that year at a childrens benefit at the House of Blues, with other musicians like Lita Ford, Kevin Dubrow, etc. But I went to see Glenn.

    He hasn't been back to central Florida to play since then.....maybe it's all these hurricanes. As I type this, Ernesto is heading on a fast past straight towards New Smyrna Beach (my hometown), just south of Daytona Beach. Please keep all who are in it's path on your prayer list...please. Maybe now that I am on this forum I'll be able to find a way to see Glenn again and make some new friends as well. I also have to get my husband to a Glenn Hughes concert. He's in the U.S. Coast Guard and was under way on a cutter during the 2004 shows. Well...I've rambled on long enough, thanks for putting together such a great website! :claphands :clapper: :claphands

    :thumbup: My greatest regards, Debbi S.

    P.S. Feel free to stop by my MySpace and add me as a friend...I am always looking to make friends with good taste in music! It is: :)
    :bouncer: Come visit myspace:bouncer:

  • Welcome aboard to you also, Debbie! It´s always nice to see new people in the boat who share their thoughts and opinions and loves Glenn ;)

    Hope you have an enjoyable time here! Feel free to ask if anything is not clear to you.

    greets, Achim

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