New Here--I Loved "Soul Mover"....

  • Glenn Hughes is a brilliant musician. Hi, I'm a newbie here, and I'm obviously a Glenn Hughes and also a Deep Purple fan. Glenn has a gorgeous, angelic voice. He sings very professionally in that early Deep Purple "California Jam" concert DVD. I also love his "Soul Mover" album. He is a very handsome, sexy man, also. I'd love to meet you someday, Glenn, and shake your hand or give you a big, warm hug, and just say Hello. *kiss* :claphands

  • Welcome GlennsMuse :)

    you'll find that we, who dare to call us, Glenn Hughes Crazy People, are a crazy, warm and good music loving bunch.

    It's great to finally welcome aboard the woman for which Glenn has written al his music ;)

    Hope that you enjoy your stay here and come back and post as many things you can.

    stay funky

  • Welcome aboard, Linda.
    Enjoy your stay and browse around to find all the features this fabulous website can offer. And don´t forget to take part of the discussions too.

    cheers, Achim

  • I'm pretty much a newbie here, too....welcome aboard! :hi2:

    You'll like it here, for sure!


    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • Hi there Linda - GlennsMuse ... like it! :cool:

    Brilliant Musician - yes. Vocals to die for - absolutely. He certainly looked 'sexy' in his white satin suit in the 70s but he simply blows my mind with his voice now that I've 'grown up.' :lol: Mind you, he blew my mind with his voice in the 70s ... that's why I'm still here :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Your post has again reminded me that I'm one of the very fortunate ones on here, perhaps because I live in England, to have seen Glenn many times live.

    One day you will get to give him that big warm hug and you'll surely get the same in return.

    In the meantime, have fun meeting some beautiful people on here ... we are also very huggable :D

    Don't let the one with the axe fool you; she's really a pussycat ;)

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Truth to tell, I haven't inspired ALL his music... but I believe I've inspired, at the very least, his "This House" song. I heard the melody and lyrics in my dreams a number of months ago. I just today bought the new CD, "Music For the Divine". I'm certain that those travels in Space and Time that I have shared with Glenn Hughes have inspired, perhaps, a number of songs on this CD. I think my being (literally!!) Glenn's Muse, started when I inspired his song about this woman going crazy.... "no offense, baby, but I think the code is blue".... see "Soul Mover", the album right before he put out "Music For The Divine".

    Maybe people will believe my Tall Tales. Maybe they won't. But one thing's for sure. I ALWAYS tell the truth, at least as I see it! It's no coincidence that I knew Jesus VERY intimately and that Glenn Hughes knew Jesus quite well, too.

    Too bad I can't change the minds of those few people who imply that I must be mentally ill or on illegal drugs. But then again, the Angels tell me most firmly, "Linda, it is NOT YOUR JOB to remove people's head from their asses! If they complain about the view, let them! Do not offer them facial cream!" Ha, ha!!

    People who tell me such things, are either jealous or wish THEY got fan mail responses from GLENN HIMSELF! Or both. The best thing about them is, they make Great Forgiveness Opportunities. Forgiveness Creates Miracles! (letting go of grudges, choosing NOT to be offended even when somebody is rude or thoughtless, going for the peaceful solution, practicing non-violence, putting God's will first in all things..... yes!)

    Thanks for your lovely welcome, everybody! I am full of fantastic stories... my tales of navigating Time & Space. Maybe we were ALL Thomas Jefferson in a past life. Maybe none of us were. Maybe it was Bill Clinton.

    I am very grounded in the present, fascinated by the past, turned-on by creating a wonderful future.
    God gifts me with this stuff for a REASON.

    Entertainment purposes, only.... LOL (no, I think there's a bigger reason.... maybe I am a Historian)

  • *slowly tippy toes out of thread*

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • Thank you, God, for healing Mel Galley's injury.... whoever he is, and whatever he does for a living. (I am praying for Mel Galley's healing). Jim Turner, could you inform me who Mel Galley is? Is he a musician, and does he or has he ever played for Glenn? Obviously I've never heard of this guy.

    But then again, there was a time when I had never heard of Glenn Hughes, either, and my friends in Junior High had to politely inform me about Deep Purple, who THEY were.... and I think that's a BIG reason why somebody finally bought me a radio as a gift, way back when I was maybe 12 or 13.... I was very ignorant about rock 'n' roll. I didn't know who Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Ian Gillan, Klause Meine, or Rod Stewart were, either! Nothing personal, you guys.... I just didn't pay attention. Do not forget that in the late 70s, there was NO Internet, no MTV, and you had to walk or drive down to the record store to get these huge black plastic things called LPs. Ahhh.... the good ol' days.

    This was before Glenn Hughes got off the booze and drugs and found his real self again. I do have Deep Purple's "California Jam" concert DVD, where David Coverdale is lead singer, and our man Glenn is back-up singer, bass player, and "the gentleman selling ice cream" according to Jon Lord, then the keyboardist. "Lordy" played Purple's keyboards for a LONG long time.... until Don Airey replaced him, at which point Jon very kindly gifted Don Airey with the Deep Purple organ.... very famous instrument, and in my opinion, Deep Purple's "heart 'n' soul".... along with Ian Paice's infinite variations on one steady time signature, and Richie Blackmore's rhythmic chop-chop-chop-TWANG, and of course Jon's grinding, rhythmic, time-traveling chords and notes.....

    You all know that a great drummer such as Paice is MUCH more than a human metronome.... he (or she) not only can keep the band in time, but can alter the state of mind of all the listeners? Paice's drumbeats can do that.... Jon Lord, at times, uses the organ like a musical percussive-rhythmic instrument.... I bet Lordy would make a good drummer!

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