new tour setlist poll

  • I'm so pleased to see others that love Blue Jade. That song knocked me out.....otherworldly....everything about it, it is about as close to perfect (for me) as a song could be. I cannot even imagine sitting close and seeing him perform it. So,

    Blue Jade
    Let It Go
    Talkin to Messiah
    Black Cloud for ol time's sake
    I Don't want To Live That Way

    Then the rest of his songs...LOL

    I have not heard one I didn't want to hear live yet. I'm addicted to the Addiction CD right now, but I LOVE MFTD and Soul Mover, too......Yep, I guess all of them. Really loving JJ's guitar work, too.

  • I REALLY think Mistreated needs to be given a rest. Also think it would be very cool if he decided to not do any Purple at all this time out. Just plug M4TD heavily, a couple of Soul Mover tracks and then some cool stuff from the solo back catalogue that we haven't heard in a while. Also wouldn't mind a few Hughes/Thrall numbers...

  • Anything from his best albums: The Way It Is, Addiction and R.O.C.K.
    All DP songs and covers off the set.
    Instead of long Mistreated we could have 2 or 3 songs more.

  • to have Glenn play one song chosen by us

    ............and who says that we GHCPs can't follow directions,
    and answer Hiawatha's question of CHOOSING ONE SONG? :lol:

    I have no objection to any song listed above.
    I truly don't care; anything Glenn sings is OK with me.

    But I sorta' kinda' wish that Glenn would "finish composing"

    "Still in Love with You"

    I would love to hear how that one FINALLY turned out.


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