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  • Hi you all,

    perhaps its a great idea for the next tour to have Glenn play one song chosen by us (at least if he is up for it).

    A song chosen from Glenn's solo work over which Glenn could pour his new found funkrocksaus and make it a 'funkrockclassic' :cool:

    i would go for 'stoned in the temple' or 'i'm not your slave'

    So lets hear it :thumbup:


  • How about
    Dark Star,
    Dont let it slip away,
    Higher Places should make a return :thumbup:
    Rain on Me/The Curse

    Get The Funk!:guitarmet

  • TIme for Disco-Glenn to return, so my vote is for There goes my baby :D - with the lenghty keyboard solo at the end!

    I'd be more than a little surprised!


  • I would go for Addiction too, and to hear Blue Jade live would be a killer too.

    But you dont hear me complain with the setlist of this tour. There is already a lot more solo stuff in the setlist compaired to all previous tours. :thumbup:

  • Alibongo, Arjen - Blue Jade IS a killer live ... I cried.

    Second Son or Time Is The Answer :bow:

    Then I'll cry all over again :lol:

    ... Can I change my mind? Just been listening to Messin' With The Kid again ... Groovy ... :bow:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • I Don't Want To Live That Way Again
    Lay My Body Down
    Midnight Meditated
    In My Blood
    When You Fall

    Would all be amazing!!!

  • Alibongo, Arjen - Blue Jade IS a killer live ... I cried.

    Ooooh you lucky thing!! :thumbup:
    I think I would cry too ...:( (...passes Shirl a tissue... ... )

    I would like to add:

    In My Blood
    Higher Places
    I Will Follow You
    Big Sky
    (... in a bit of a mellow mood as you may notice .. .)

  • Jury
    Black Cloud
    It's My Life
    Send No More Letters
    So Much Love To Give
    Life Of Misery
    A Right To Live
    Big Time
    Livin For The Minute
    Does It Mean That Much To You?
    Inside And Above
    Funk Music
    Don't Walk Away
    Double Life
    Love For Sale
    Feel The Magic
    Bed Of Roses
    Out On Me
    I will Follow You
    Beyond The Numb
    Getting Near To You
    Fools Condition
    Take Me With You
    She Knows
    Hell On Wings
    Who'sWatching You
    Assassins Of The Night
    Still The Night
    Kiss Of Fire
    Phoenix Rising
    Running With The Pack
    All of the R.O.C.K. cd
    All of the Addiction cd
    All of A Soulful Xmas cd
    Into the void
    Lay my body down
    why don't you stay
    If you don't want me to
    The Only One
    All of From Now On
    Hey, I know It's A Lot But, It's My Fantasy! :D Maybe a four disc live dvd /cd combo or something! :thumbup:

  • That's an impressive set list BoundforJersey :thumbup:

    That would go nicely with my fantasy of Glenn playing somewhere TWO nights in a row. The first night dedicated to his work with Trapeze, Purple, etc., and maybe even some of his "guest vocal" tracks done for other artists. Then on the second night........all solo material !!!!



  • Chip, a weeks residence at the Royal Albert Hall where he plays a couple of albums in full each night. and that includes HTP and HTP2, HughesThrall 1 and 2, Voodo Hill 1 & 2, Iommi 1 & 2 etc. in fact it'll be 2 weeks with all Glenns stuff never mind Trapeze!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Coffee and Vanilla
    Why Don't you stay

    How about a weeks residency at Ronnie Scotts playing material from Play Me Out!!!!!

    Stay Fun(ky)
    Mikey D

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