What's It Gonna Take.....

  • .......to get you to a gathering of us Glenn Hughes fans? :)

    The subject came up again in today's chat. It seems there is still some interest in doing something like this someday. As some of you know, Todd and I tried something like this last month. We didn't plan anything fancy, just thought it would be nice to get together with some of the hardcore U.S. fans that we've come to know over the years. Not saying it wasn't for someone from another part of the world. We just didn't figure anyone would travel that far, for what we had planned. Since there is interest from all parts of the globe, I'm wondering, what kind of event would make you want to travel a great distance to attend a Fan Fest. What would it take for you to spend some money, take some holiday time and travel to meet and hang out with, in my opinion, the greatest fans of any artist anywhere :)

    Things like....what time of the year?...what year?...2007? 2008?

    I know most of what I'd like to know is pretty obvious....have it just down the road from my house.....have Glenn there playing live, every song he's ever recorded... and so on ;)

    I think you know what I'm asking for. It's late, way past my bedtime and I'm not sure I even know what I'm typing at this point :lol:

    Please give some serious input.....Nothing about a MK III reunion :D


  • Well, you know me - if I can get the time off, I'm there. Distance means little to me. The opportunities that I've had to enjoy truly soul-moving music - and to meet some of the great people I've met who share my passion - justify the effort and the cost.


  • Well Chip, if its in the USA it would have to where the cheapest are to from here. I guess that would be New York, Florida or Vegas due to the high number of flights from here.

    I actually thought it might be easier for a UK fan fest as travel distances would be more reasonable.
    And thanks to Ryan Air, Easyjet and so on, it wouldnt be too expensive for our friends in Europe to come over.
    Hey, why not have it in Glenn's home town of Cannock. We could put a few people up and Lucy has a Wendy House in the garden for those who like the open air!

    Mel could come along. Maybe it could coincide with a DP tribute band playing the Rock Cafe in Cannock - or, as Glenn is friends with the Murray family he could get us a deal for the Entertainment suite in Bar Sport. Of course, we'd need some decent numbers guaranteed to turn up.

    Maybe a fanfest during a tour would be better.

  • Anywhere in Europe would be fine with me, thanks to low cost airlines. London would be my first choice, closely followed by Madrid.

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • Thanks guys (and gals) for starting things off with a few suggestions. These are exacly what we're looking for. List the few items that would make you definitely attend. Your suggestions will be noted...and we'll see where that takes us.

    Keep 'em coming :thumbup:


  • my problem is the money guys- and time off - i wish i could just jump on a plane and fly to the coast or europe like todd does -but i cant right now - i would have to have a lot of lead time to figure something out but i think chip does have a great idea -it would be great to meet you guys

  • I hear you Tony :bow: I can't vouch for everyone here...but I bet most of us are working people and have the same issues...MONEY and TIME.

    Don't worry, this is in the very, very early stages. We're going to take our time with this one and make it an event worth coming to. One of the things I thought that maybe hurt the one Todd and I did in July, might have been not having enough notice. So I guess that's one of my suggestions for the next one....give people plenty of time to save up some $$ and some vacation time.

    That's how I do most of my Glenn Hughes road trips. If I have enough notice, I'll work as much overtime as I can to fund my trip.


  • Tony, I wish it was that easy! :D I have a concert fund that I started a while back - a few bucks here and there...the odd change...it all adds up. I subscribe to airline web sites, and receive fare deals via email. I pore over sites like Trip Advisor for inexpensive hotels near venues, and with free shuttles from the airport. If possible, I split the costs with a fellow traveler. So when an opportunity arises, it's not as much of a slam to the pocketbook :thumbup:

    Here's hoping I get to raise a pint or two with you in the near future!


  • This discussion sounds extremly interesting :thumbup:
    Wolfy (Paul) is absolutely right. Should be a place where the low cost airlines do approach very frequently, due to the prices.
    Cannock would be a great idea, by the way. It would be THE place hold up such an event!
    We are in an early stage, of course. We could talk seriously to every member (at least the most active ones...) if there is interest and where the ideal place would be. Then we could make a list of the places that people did name. Once we find the place with the most votes, we could concentrate on this and ask the other voters if they could perhaps switch to the other location.

    DP tribute band sounds very cool...lol.....with so many musicians in here, we have our very own GHPG TRIBUTE BAND already together...:D :D :D :D :D
    Oh man...I could imagine sitting at a campfire, back to back with Chip...and singing "we are soul mover", backed up by an acoustic guitar of mine....what a great moment that would be.

    If we would hold such an event in Cannock or so and a reasonable number of ppl would attend, Glenn would have no other choice to jump in as well and make a visit!!!

    That could be a festival or party we all would never forget...

    Cheers, Achim

  • If you held it during a tour on a Saturday when Glenn was playing that same night i guess people would already be in town for the show and not be at work. The question you have to ask is where do you meet up - a pub, someones house, etc.

    If it was outdoors it would have to be in the summer.


    My ideal event would be JB's Dudley - the "homeboy show". Glenn invites regular GHPG posters, friends etc for a get together early at the venue. Mel G, Tony Iommi and other local mates of Glenn's come along. people eat, drink, and say hello. then we watch the sound check. then more chat while they play our choice of music thru the system. then finally the gig.

    Unlikely but nice!

    I know, get Mike Moore to organise an event but over here.

    I keep telling my wife if our lottery numbers come up this is the sort of event i would organize and i'd get Glenn himself over to play a private show just for us Crazy People.

  • You bring up another point, Paul - wherever a fan gathering is held, it will fall to someone there to organize it. So if someone's pushing hard for a certain location, they should be willing to take the reins.


  • Can´t await spending some great time with ou guys, I´m sure this will be unforgetable and quite exhausting ....;)

    Did I already mention, that I love singing at campfire´s?????

    Keep me updated!

    xoxo, Lisa

  • Sounds very intriguing. We (like everyone else) would need a LOT of time to try to save for it and get kennel help lined out and such. Not sure we could handle the expense (had a ton of medical expenses lately) but we sure are interested in trying. Achim, if I come, I will have an acoustic guitar for sure. Maybe Chris could bring an acoustic bass? That would be a very fun time. I second the thought that it should coincide with a GH concert, but heck, if he shows up at our party that would be even better :cool: LOL!

    I have no idea what it would cost to fly to London, (or even Vegas for that matter these days! LOL) I better check before my mouth overloads my wallet, which happens all the time.

  • The idea of that organised event is the one that I think is the most realistic - see Paul's and Achim's and Todd's posts.

    That could also be stretched over a weekend (check in Friday, check out either Sunday night or Monday morning) especially since we're not all coming from the same corner of the world and many will/would have to travel very far!

    But again, this has to be organised, ideally by a pro or a very dedicated individual with no family, no daytime job and lots of $$$
    I'll be there!


  • It is something to be discussed at the Uk shows maybe. I will be at the Dudley show and hopefully another one or two. I normally meet David and Shirl at least once on tour so maybe we can have brief chat with anyone else we meet.

    If it was London im afraid i couldnt organize it - but i would turn up anywhere in the UK. Glenn never seems to play the UK in the summer so if we say how about summer 2007 i guess it would just have to be a fan get together somewhere. and if you couldnt see Glenn how many would come?

    If someone else organised it in Europe we would make it a holiday for us.

    As Chip and Todd found, saying you are interested and booking the flights/hotel and turning up are two very different things.

    Now if Todd were to get JSS to make Journey do a full UK tour next year, he may come over and that would encourage Chip too. then we would have a starting point.

  • I just thought I'd try and keep this thread going with a little more info on the subject.

    While in New Jersey a few weeks ago, I talked to Glenn about a fan fest sometime in the future. He was thrilled about the idea.

    When I asked him where he would be willing to travel for such and event, he said wherever the most people would be able to attend :thumbup:

    I've been in touch with a couple of people, on advice and suggestions on how to pull this off. As Christian mentioned, at some point this will have to be handed off to someone with the means to bring it all together. Maybe Wolfy's lottery numbers will come up and then there will be no problem :lol:

    There have been lots of great suggestions so far. Especially the one about getting our resident musicians together for some tasty jam sessions. Having a great day with fellow fans, food, drink, music, and whatever else we can come up with, is what this is all about.

    So, keep your ideas coming.


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