Happy Birthday Glenn!

  • May I also offer a Happy Birthday to you Sir Glenneth? Thank you for your voice and your music. I wish you the best of health and to keep progressing in your music.

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  • Happy Birthday Papa!

    May you have many more! Enjoy the day and Have a big piece of Birthday cake,it's well deserved! Like the old adage says,"Like a fine wine you get better with time"! :claphands :claphands :claphands

    God Bless You!

  • Ok, Grace, be calm. I can see you reaching for the ax!! LOL!
    Happy birthday Glenn, we really need to get people aware of you at this paper, and believe me, my wife is doing just that right now! LOL

    Celebrity birthdays
    Israeli political leader Shimon Peres is 83. Actor-director Melvin Van Peebles is 74. Singer Kenny Rogers is 68. Rockabilly guitarist James Burton and singer Harold Reid (The Statler Brothers) are 67. Actress Loretta Devine is 57. Singer Glenn Hughes of the Village People is 54. Actress Kim Cattrall is 50. Singer Serj Tankian (System of a Down) is 39. Prodigy frontman Liam Howlett is 35. Actress Alicia Witt is 31. Singer Kelis is 27. Actress Hayden Panettiere is 17.

  • Happy Birthday Glenn :birthday:

    Each year just seems to get better and better for you :singer: ..... and us, your loyal fans :yes:

    Another tour, album, Hughes Thrall remaster, Hughes Thrall 2, Stormbringer remaster and who knows what else are gonna appear before we are saying best wishes again next year :eek:
    Cheers from your hometown boy in Cannock :thumbup: :cheers:

  • another 365-day journey around the sun.

    Hey Shirl,
    Is that anything "like a circle 'round the sun"?


    Good thinking Batwoman ... er sorry ... Axewoman! :D

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hope you have your best birthday EVER Glenn....and why not, it's been a great year for you:thumbup: Thanks for all the amazing music and all the inspiration because......


    Peace and Love,


  • Happy Birthday Glenn!!!:clapper:

    I feel your "soul music" anytime!
    And I pray for your happiness!

    I look forward to your "soul music" heartily all the time from now on!

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hyvää syntymäpäivää!

    All the best wishes from Finland. Thanks for being around and all the great music you've given us. May it never dry up, the fountain of youth you apparently use to make your daily cup of tea.

  • Splutter, cough, wurr-yep,up & running again! Love PC problems! :mad:
    Sorry about the delay in wishing you a belated very Happy Birthday,Glenn, & look forward to seeing you later in the year in the UK! :thumbup:

  • After some adsl problems i've had here in Holland I want to wish you a very happy birthday Glenn! Also by the members of the Ursem fanclub.
    Greetz and cheers,
    Tipper (big crazy guy)

  • I hope that you get a great "ON TOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE" tomorrow in Bulgaria. :birthday3
    .............and they sing a snappy version of "Happy Birthday"......TO YOU.

    Hey.......Who da' thunk it?

    The fans in Bulgaria came through for Glenn............BIG TIME!

    A birthday cake in the shape of a bass guitar. ZOWIE!

    And I wonder what it sounded like for:


    to sing "Happy Birthday" to our boy?

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