MkIII rumours again

  • Like Fedor already posted on there is a news flash on about some new rumours about an MK III reunion.

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    If you have trouble viewing the website, here´s the article:


    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Classic Rock Magazine's latest issue is fuelling Mk 3 Deep Purple reformation rumours on the internet, by saying that both Hughes and Coverdale are up for it, and have spoken to Lord and Paice. There is a world of difference between "being up for it" and it happening, so don't get too carried away by all this. Paicey is already in Deep Purple for one thing, and then they would need the guitarist. [/FONT]


  • As they say Achim, it will never happen as Blackmore will never do it. Maybe Hughes, Coverdale, Lord, Marsh, Smith!

    I dont think DC would really sing with Glenn on a tour as he'd be blown away every song - plus he's only just resurrected Whitesnake

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • You never know, Paul ;)

    I could, honestly, much more imagine Blackmore doing it than Lord.
    I know that there is still something "rocking" waiting to come out in Blackmore. A lot of people do feel this. He always said that he could imagine a nostalgica tour with DIO, so...why not...

    Regarding Paice...well, I know Paice would do it, if you ask him privately. BUT.....he would be get into trouble forever with Gillan :D and its pretty clear that they could not use the name "Deep Purple" since there is already a certain band with that name. this project would be MORE original members than in the current line-up, so why not .....

    I could imagine Jocke doing this thing on problem in that ...but...I want to see Lord & Blackmore on stage least one more time.....

    The magic that this couple created on stage is still with no comparison.

    C´mon, guys...give yourself a kick in the a** and do it! Damn! :D

    lol, Achim

  • I agree that DC would get blown away, though I would love to see the MK3 line up live and maybe they would do an album as aswell.

    Few... i guess that's fantasy land.

  • Pinch me..... This is too good to be true!!
    I know it's only "wishing" at this point and I am sure the bottom line is the dollar sign... too bad!! Nice to thing there could be some "love" in getting back...

    Could they just do it for a few of us?


  • There's one problem you've all missed. If it did happen, what would they play? They only made 2 albums and Blackmore hates Stormbringer. That only leaves the Burn album and maybe Stormbringer the song. There's no way Blackmore would play Bolin stuff, so the show would have to be padded out by Smoke, Highway Star, Space Truckin' etc. Personally, I can't see the point of that :huh:

  • Good point, Nigel. Indeed, you´re absolutely right.

    That´s why I consider the whole thing not as a Mark III reunion only, but more a kind of VOCR (Voices of Classic Rock) thing, where the musicians can change during the set for certain songs or so.

    For instance:
    After some Mk III stuff, David could leave the stage and JLT comes up to do a few RAINBOW tunes (Glenn knows the basslines since he played a few Rainbow songs during the HTP tour).

    If Glenn would like to do some Bolin stuff, that´s alright. Blackmore could take a break for a song and JJ Marsh enters the stage.

    Paice & Lord were in certain band called Whitesnake, so David could do a few Whitesnake songs as well.

    There´s plenty of material of each and I don´t think they would need to patch up with Mk II stuff, which would be embarassing.

    Gillan would laugh his socks off..."they wanted to have a Mk III reunion and what do they do? They play my songs...hahaha"....
    So, please NO SOTW or Highway Star....:cool:

    Btw.....I would LUV to see one of the "Good Ole Boys" (which is a good band, see DPAS) named Nick Simper to start a few DP Mk I (!!) jams...THAT would be phenomenal.....:D
    "Lalena" .......

    Let us dream a bit, mate ......:lol:

  • A major Blackmore fan from Greece told me that he heard Coverdale tell a fan that he and Blackmore would be working together next year. I think that is wishful thinking and maybe DC was teasing the person but he and Blackmore are now both on the SPV label. I know DC thinks highly of Ritchie but I have no idea how Blackers feels about Coverdale. A rep from SPV did tell Coverdale that Ritchie sends his regards though. Obviously I am trying to get more info from my Greek source to get me into contact with the person that Coverdale talked to about him and Ritchie working together. Again I hasten to add that maybe DC was "taking the piss" out of the person.

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  • Achim,

    That would be great. In fact, I was thinking along the same lines a couple of months ago, when it occured to be you could almost have a 2 or 3 day festival of "Purple family" bands. Imagine it, Purple, Whitesnake and Blackmore's Night headlining each day and then the rest of the bill made up by Glenn, M3, The Good Old Boys, Rainbow, HTP, Living Loud, Steve Morse Band, JLT etc etc.
    As you say, we can dream ;)


  • This has all been covered before guys! There is a lot of us with the same dream! It was Jon Lord who really gave life to the rumour shortly after his "retirement" stating he would like to do a one-off reunion of this sort.


  • If I would be as rich as Bill Gates I would hire them all to play this gig in my living room ....while I sit there drinking some cold beer...:lol: ...and waiting for a sign to join them on "stage"....:D :D :D The money would be worth it ....hahahaha.

    cheers, Achim

  • There's one problem you've all missed. If it did happen, what would they play? They only made 2 albums and Blackmore hates Stormbringer. That only leaves the Burn album and maybe Stormbringer the song. There's no way Blackmore would play Bolin stuff, so the show would have to be padded out by Smoke, Highway Star, Space Truckin' etc. Personally, I can't see the point of that :huh:

    I don't think so.
    1. Burn album - 9 songs (8 + Coronarias redig)
    2. There are 3 songs composed by Blackmore/Coverdale in Stormbringer album - Stormbringer, Lady Double Dealer & Soldier of Fortune. I think Blackmore has not anything against them, I don't thing he hates The Gupsy, too. - 4 songs
    3. It is possible that Blackmore would play 1 song from CTTB album - You Keep On Moving, composed by Coverdale/Hughes, and it is possible that Coverdale&Hughes would play 1 song from Mk 2 stuff - Smoke on The Water. - 1+1 songs

    9+4+1+1=15 songs


  • Mk III reunion will be good thing. Many fans wait to see it. I sure that Deep Purple would have agreed to a all star concert will all ex-members by now but I think Gillan is main power who is against it.


  • .........ah, but you skeptical people forget one small item.

    I AM.......STILL........drinking my coffee each morning from my:

    "Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale hugging each other,
    after the Christmas 2000 'Mark and Brian' charity concert
    LA radio show, where they got on stage, and sang 'Burn'
    together, photo-printed coffee mug."

    It's gonna' happen.



  • Oh yes, was one of those major moments in life for me which sent shivers down my spine ....will never forget that...a friend of mine told me he was shed in tears when he heard the 2 live together...well, I can understand that...

  • The interview with Glenn that was excerpted for Classic Rock appeared elsewhere and I read the whole thing..wish to hell I could remember where I saw it! As I recall, Glenn closed out his comments with the observation along the lines of "But without Ritchie, it's just pie in the sky really..."

    If this were to ever happen I would hope it would be for the only right reason...because to a man, they WANT to do it and not because some promoter offers them the world and a side of chips on a platter .

    Simple as that!

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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