Happy Birthday, Achim


    Hope you have a wonderful day! Wish your wildest dreams come true, keep on being such a nice bloke and please celebrate a funky good party over there!!!!:birthday3 :birthday3 :birthday3 :birthday: :birthday: :birthday2 :birthday2 :guitarmet :guitarmet :yes: :hi5: :hi5: :bouncer2: :div9: :div9: :clapper: :thumbup: :D

    all the best!!!

  • Happy Birthday Achim. May it be your best year yet:clapper::clapper::claphands:claphands

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • :birthday3 Hope you enjoy a Happy, Happy Birthday - filled with good food good friends and good tunes
    :drummer: :guitarmet [URL='javascript:emoticon(':goldguitar:', 'smid_16')'][/URL][URL='javascript:emoticon(':redguitar:', 'smid_26')'][/URL]

    Wish I could be there to celebrate with ya!


  • Happy Birthday, indeed, Achim. By the way, I checked out your myspace site. I really like one of the songs on there, "Wherever You May Go" (I think). Cool tune.

  • Hallo Achim,
    :birthday2 :birthday: :birthday3
    Feiere schön, :cheers::cheers::cheers: aber trink' nicht zu viel :1: :1:

    Hoffe, wir können einmal ein bißchen Nachfeiern!!!

    :guitarist :guitarmet

    P.S. yeah I know - whatever Christian said... ;)

  • Hey!
    Thanks so much, my friends! I´m really moved by your kind and nice posts.
    Actually, I had a nice day today, getting my hair cut in the morning :D spending a wonderful and relaxed day, received an email by Jocke, which gave me the blast today and, of course, induldging some german beer! :D

    Thanks again for all the kind words! This board is really one of a kind.

    Achim Schreiner

  • Yes Yes!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!
    Have a Great Day, My Brother from another Mother!!
    Keep on Rockin and the Freak Flag Flying!!!


  • Sorry to send this message to you, AFTER your birthday,
    but I hope that you had a great day,
    and that it will be the beginning of a great year for you!

    ...so much "hardware" to sharpen
    ...so little time.

    I haven't received the truckload of lebkuchen that you owe me,
    but because I'm such a wonderful person, perfect in every way,
    I've kindly taken your name off "The List." :eek:

    Hey ~ Wishing all the best to our GHCP friend in Germany!
    Take care, Achim, and continued good luck with your music.


  • A very belated Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! :)

    It was my boyfriend's birthday on the 7 August too - we went to see Jimmy Barnes in London - brilliant gig - Mica Paris and Andy Roachford were guests - made for one amazing song when they all sang together!!

    Hope you had as good a time as we did!


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