Robin George new cd

  • From majesticrock records

    Artist - ROBIN GEORGE
    Released 01-05-2006
    Price: £11.99
    Having single handedly ushered in the age of high tech AOR with his classic 1985 album ‘Dangerous Music’, Robin George has earned his place at the head of the table. Add to this his work and close association with the likes of Asia, Thin Lizzy, Magnum, Robert Plant, Diamond Head, Glenn Hughes and the like…well, you get the picture. The man’s connected.

    His latest album ‘Crying Diamonds’ continues his move back towards hard rock territory and features a song in the album’s title track co-written with the legendary Phil Lynott, as well as a cover of the great man’s ‘King’s Call’

    1. Learn The Dance2. Thanks For The Memories
    3. Face To Face4. Judy
    5. What Goes Around....6. Loving You
    7. Cocoon8. Flying
    9. Haunted10. Crying Diamonds
    11. King’s Call12. Things Have Got To Change
    13. Yesterday’s News14. Roulette
    QUOTE : “….what I have here and now is a completely reborn Robin with a comeback album that sees our man return to what he’s best known for: a solid hard rock album! “Crying Diamonds” is named after a song that George co-wrote with the late Phil Lynott. Other co-writings include opener “Learn The Dance” (with David Byron) and “Haunted” (with Pete Green). Together with a cover of Lynott’s “King’s Call” and ten other (new) songs, “Crying Diamonds” is an album you should really check out.”

    “New solo album from legendary guitarist Robin George, on which he plays or programmes most of the instruments. Modern sound, heavy sounding, solid hard rock. There’s some good songs here, with some older songs that were co-written with Phil Lynott and David Byron. Some decent tunes make for a good listen.”
    Joe Geesin / Get Ready To Rock 3.5/5

    “Crying Diamonds” is an infectious bluesy pop rock album that showcases George’s knack for writing catchy melodies and bittersweet lyrics. Featuring a cover of the late Phil Lynott’s “Kings Call” and the title track, which the two co-wrote together, along with writing contributions from David Byron and Pete Green, there’s plenty here to impress the AOR fans out there” Rock Something 3/5

    “…best known as the man credited with the invention of “technical melodic rock”. What that means is this: he has a sound all of his own, instantly recognisable, not to be confused with any other. It also means that one, the sonics are clear, sharp and beautifully balanced, and two, the measured arrangements are full of crisp invention, colourful flourishes and an irresistible bounce. George doesn’t write instantly memorable tunes. His melodies are often gossamer thin, but he spins them out and expands them into something more substantial. Later, you find yourself humming his tunes without realising that they’ve insinuated their way past your natural defences. What we need now is some brand new material. Meantime, this’ll do just fine” 7/10

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