Setting The Record Straight

  • We're close to issuing the next CTC Podcast and want to be sure you have the chance to get your questions in via the Podcast Hotline for the segment, "Setting The Record Straight", conducted by Glenn's Manager, Carl Swann.

    He's happy to answer as many questions as you have - simply dial

    +1 404-419-6568

    +1 310-601-8743 (USA) and we'll be sure to include them in the next show with Carl's replies.

    Also, if you'd like to leave a brief review or comment from a recent GLENN show you attended, feel free to call the same number for inclusion in the show.

    You'll hear full instructions when you dial the number - and don't worry if you mess up - you can call back to start over as often as you'd like!

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • i switch phone supplier to Talk Talk next week so can dial the USA for FREE from then on, so will be joining in all the future ones David. And broadband due next month :D

  • Expect a call next thursday David! i still havent listened to the previous podcasts as they are the one download i cant do from work. its because of where the link points to. if they were an attachment in a post like when someone posts a video or sound clip then i could. home broadband cant come soon enough!

  • Just thought I'd give you all a bit more incentive to get your questions in ;) and to keep you at bay, from asking when the next edition will be out :D

    I spoke with JJ today as he'll be featured in the next edition of the Podcast and as you'll hear in this snippet from the tail end of our conversation, he's more than happy to take questions from you as well.

    Will try and get the next one out no later than the end of the month - am pretty busy right now, so be patient just a little longer :thanx:

  • Awwwww, bless you both!

    But I'm only there being so great because I hold the li'l fella in such high regard as a musician and also as a really really really nice bloke. Very genuine and kind, and not a bit up his own arse, never at all. A bit slow at answering his emails sometimes, and on a score of 1 to 10 I'd probably only give him three for remembering to send me information for the website (got the rest of those guitar'n'gear photos yet, darlin?) but apart from that he's 10 outta 10.

  • Just a final reminder and your last chance to get you questions in for Glenn's manager, Carl Swann, to be featured in his regular Setting The Record Straight segment for the next edition of the Podcast.

    Simply dial

    +1 404-419-6568

    +1 310-601-8743 (USA) by Friday of this week.

    With all being well, Podcast No.3 should be ready to go next week sometime :cool:

  • I left a few questions last night. Hopefully it wasnt too garbled and incoherent. Edit it so it sounds great David :thumbup:

    Like most people i found it difficult talking to an answer machine. Im sure i rushed through my questions.

    Having met Carl a few times i would have had no problem chatting to him live in real time.

  • Received a-ok wolfysmith - thanks for taking the time, great questions too! Yeah, I know it can be 'kinda awkward talking to a machine, but as I've said before, just take your time and relax - no one hears it except Shirean and I before it reaches the Podcast :) So any bits you want taken out, you just tell us and we do our magic from there :P

    In this case, it's real easy as you did a great job. Once Carl returns from Bulgaria to respond, we'll be ready to get No.3 out the door!

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