New RED CTC T-Shirts!

  • As requested, we are now able to offer you our latest CTC T-Shirt - all RED with the CTC logo in White on the front left and a full size version on the back:

    Until we reach order levels comparable to our classic full color CTC logo on a Black T-Shirt, the best pricing we can offer you is US$25.00 which also includes shipping worldwide. Florida residents will also incur a 7% sales tax.

    Payment is available via PayPal only.

    4 alternate colors are available if you prefer - Black, Navy Blue, Dark Green and Dark Grey - should you want a color other than RED, please go ahead and use the pull-down menu option to select your choice on the order page.

    All are available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

    Once payment is received, your item(s) will be shipped out shortly thereafter.

    All proceeds go to the upkeep of the site, so feel free to order as many as you like :)

    Cheers....and enjoy!

    David & Shirean

  • Any chance we could see the other colours in full David.

    My wife cant make up her mind which to have :rolleyes:

    then you'll get a couple of orders :D

  • Hey David,

    my wife :heart: says how about some V-neck tops. they are more flattering for the curvier woman.....apparently:bouncer: :bouncer2:
    if you had some of those she would order a couple straight away.

    as it turns out, i am gonna order Green and Grey instead of red. too much choice :D

  • Something to think about for the M4TD tour merchandise then David :thumbup:

    With the Paypal exchange rate being so good i got 2 shirts for less than a Journey Monsters Of Rock shirt! :eek: :D

  • Got my shirts today David :D Great job :clapper: I'll try and post a picture next week.

    I like your CTC sticker on the front of the envelope :thumbup:

    must remember to google earth you now i have your zip code ;)

    Now i'm wondering if i should get the complete set!

  • Ordered mine shortly after the last chat - Thanks to Admin ;) for helping out with the paypal complications :thumbup: - tricky if you're living in a country that does not have "paypal confirmed" adresses, even if you're a verified member :huh: :confused:

    Now that my brother has finally returned my beloved GHPG ringer shirt, which he has accidentally taken to Canada at Christmas, I can't wait to wear my red and dark grey CTC T-Shirts too!

    :) C.

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