Whitesnake at Donnington

  • Hi everyone, it seems I left the Chat too early on Sunday!!
    There was talk about a video of Mel Galley playing with Whitesnake in 1983.
    I have a VHS of the show they did as the headline act at "Monsters of Rock", the year after Mel was working as a carpenter setting up the stage for the annual event!!
    It was broadcast by Central TV (the Midlands region independent TV company) sometime after the concert, and represents edited highlights lasting about an hour.
    If anyone can tell me how to digitize it and make it available to you all, I'll gladly do so.
    By the way, the outfits the band were wearing were combat flying suits bought from an Army & Navy surplus store!!

  • Thanks for the links, David! :cool:

    A lot of hair, Mr. Coverdale has got there! And the poses... :D

    On a musical note, I never realized that Guilty of Love has a very strong Thin Lizzy feel! :eek:

    :thumbup: Christian



  • Absolute quality; Mel fans should look out for a solo in Mistreated; one of the few times he played it (usually Crying in the Rain was done instead)

  • Wow...that brings back memories...I was there!!...tee hee...yep as far as I remember the outfits were due to Whitesnake having a "Commando's" theme on the day and such was the merchandise.Correct me if I'm wrong but I can also vaguely remember DC announcing that it was the first performance of "Guilty of Love" thus giving a sneak preview into their next album "Slide it In"..........prior to the Donnington gig (which was my fav.) I managed to see them at Manchester Apollo and Mel's guitar work was fantastic on both occasions.Those were the days....:D


    Pete S.:thumbup:

  • There are now 5 videos of Mel with Whitesnake at Donnington on his myspace page, plus the Phenomena video.

    A nice little menu to use rather than 6 seperate big vids to click on!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Thanks Shirean :claphands

    I remember buying the Guilty of Love single, think i had the picture disc as well at one stage. Always thought it was quite Thin Lizzy like.

    Slide It In, particularly the US remix is one, if not the best Whitesnake album. How could it not be with two of the 'Snakes greatest songs, Slow n Easy and Love Aint No Stranger. Lyrically DC gets slaughtered but Gambler is an interesting song lyrically and Guilty of Love is clever also. Add to that the great performances!

    Used to have one of the Whitesnake commando t shirts that Micky Moody et all were wearing in the video!

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