• Hi everyone!

    I just came back home from the Rock of Ages Festival in Seebronn, Germany.

    The day at the festival started a bit chaotic. Some bands did not perform (VIXEN for example), don´t know why...I arrived when the announcement already has been made. The weather was dry but to hot when I arrived. One thing I immediately noticed, there were not many people.....I thought that perhaps later on, the crowd will increase and it did...but not nearly as much as I expected or others expected.

    I saw SOUL DOCTOR which made a solid gig. Nothing exciting but okay. Same was for HOUSE OF LORDS, but they were not as good as SOUL DOCTOR, plus they had to suffer under some technical problems.

    It seemed quite like the bands would not have had any soundcheck before the concert and started a soundcheck during the breaks between the acts.

    Both bands delivered this kind of "mainstream radio rock" which I don´t quite like, after a few songs everythings sounds the same ...;)

    The whole time frame, the schedule had been changed. HOUSE OF LORDS could make a longer gig, since WISHBONE ASH had some delays at the airport, I´ve been told.

    WISHBONE ASH made a great concert and for the first time, all the people who were there, gathered at the stage and made a great atmosphere. The ole guys were apparently in a happy mood and enjoyed the set pretty much. Haven´t seen WISHBONE ASH for many years, but they are better than ever. So I can highly recommend everyone to go for a WA gig!

    Then happened what I feared the whole day....shortly before the GLENN HUGHES got started, it began to rain. The sky turned grey and rain came. Thank God it wasn´t for long and the majority of the GH gig was held under dry conditions.

    I met BURN (Konrad), a GHCP from this forum, and we had a spanky good time! Great guy and good company! Thanks Konrad, was a lot of fun!

    Later I spoke to Gabrielle, which I suddenly discovered, and I have to admit that she was looking great as always and has been very kind! Greets to Glenn, Gabi!

    During the GH soundcheck, J.J. Marsh was a big support for roadies! :) Suddenly I saw him on stage with Glenn´s bass on, trying to figure out the bass settings which since the roadies (seemed to be locals ones) looked a bit confused before. Well done, Joakim! :D

    The set list of GLENN HUGHES was totally different to what I have expected after the BOSPOP ect. shows! Maybe Glenn did change it since it was called "ROCK of Ages" ....

    The setlist was the following (as far I can remember):


    There were some technical problems too but only minor...

    The crowd reacted very much on the old DP stuff, since they didn´t expected it, and the other half of people did not know Glenn obviously but enjoyed the gig pretty much and cheered a lot!

    When the set was over (which didn´t took more than only 45 minutes, apparently due to the schedule changes) the crowd sent a huge (hughes?) applause on stage and also some "Encore" yells ...but that could not be realised, I guess due to the time frame.

    I stood about 6 meters away from the stage and it was great moment when J.J. and also Glenn recognised me and waved to me with a grin! You made my day, guys!!! :D :D :D

    After Glenn the next bands would have been GOTTHARD and TWISTED SISTER but I refused to watch them since I wasn´t too interested in those and were already tired (since I had to drive home again over 2 hours too...) but NOT TOO TIRED to write this report at midnight! :D

    I also made some video clips in .mov format. For instance, I have MIGHT JUST TAKE YOUR LIFE nearly completely and STEPPIN ON ect. The only problem is that some clips are oversized (over 40 MB) and so i cannot post them here directly...only some previews and samples.

    Which one of you all knows a good program to convert .mov into .wmv??????? Thanks for the help!

    I will also post some pictures I have taken during the day!

    Thanks Glenn, it was a wonderful concert, I enjoyed it heaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cheers, Achim

  • This is just a short sample of the beginning of MIGHT JUST TAKE YOUR LIFE. The camera was a bit shaky since I had only my small digital camera with me and I couldn´t hold still...since I was freaking out! :D :D :D :D

    I have to add, that I look horrible on the pictures above!!! The guy beside me is Konrad (Burn) from this website.

    cheers, Achim

  • Thanks Achim for the great report, pix & clip :thumbup:

    Despite the problems, it sounds like it was well worth the trip - pleased you were able to hook up with friends.

    We actually prefer .MOV files, as we like to be both Mac and Windows friendly :) You can get up to about 50MB (each file & up to 7 at a time) uploaded here, so hopefully some of those you have are under that. If not, .WMV works I suppose :D We can always compress them, which is how ours get to fit here!

    Thanks again and "Hi" to Konrad (Burn) too!

  • Which one of you all knows a good program to convert .mov into .wmv??????? Thanks for the help!

    Hi Achim
    You have NERO, you can in many convert.

    Thanx for review, setlist, foto and video - Shit, i had to work.

  • Thanks, friends!
    I was really great to see Glenn in great shape and excellent form! Really enjoyed it. I will upload the "Steppin On" clip which was a great performance too.
    The 2 other songs I have are 57 and 65 MB filesize. Dunno, how we can get this on the website. Maybe I can send it to David somehow and he can compress it a little bit, since I only have QuickTime player and cannot change anything of the file.
    Anyway, have fun with it!

    cheers, Achim

  • Quote

    The 2 other songs I have are 57 and 65 MB filesize. Dunno, how we can get this on the website. Maybe I can send it to David somehow and he can compress it a little bit, since I only have QuickTime player and cannot change anything of the file.
    Anyway, have fun with it!

    cheers, Achim

    Hi Achim
    upload this by:

    fileserver for 100 MB

  • Thank you very much for the report and pictures,
    many greetings and thanks to Burn (you know why) :clapper: !!

  • Did anyone who was there stay for Day 2 with UFO, Fish, The Sweet , Uriah Heep :bow::bow:and Saga :clapper: ????
    That was one hellacious lineup to be sure :thumbup:

    If anyone stayed could you give us a bit of a lowdown on the other groups also.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Hi

    Thanks for Achim for the great time together.
    Thanks for purpledream for his kindly words.
    I like your kind of cover art work.
    You are the best :bow:

    Achim, you have missed on of the best bands after Glenn, Gotthard have do a great concert, powerful and very good :claphands:bouncer:
    Twister Sister have also do a great job :clapper::clapper:

    Sometimes i think it is a german band :D

    Thanks Achim for this great pics and mov files.

    All what I can say, go and see him, and you know from what we are talking.

    Glenn, you are really the voice of rock.

    Long live Rock`n Roll.


  • thanks for the video achim - i cant thank you enough:claphands

  • Clips work here pretty well too! Thanks so much, Achim!
    Sorry, finally couldn´t make it to the festival. Too much chaos around me ...
    But looks like you had a really good time. Great to see.
    Thanks for report and pictures!


  • Thanks to Achim for sending them over - I was able to compress them to fit here, a couple of yet unseen longer clips for you :cool:

    Here are Might Just Take You Life and Mistreated from the Rock of Ages Festival in Seebronn, Germany :thumbup:

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