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  • I know this is not a Glenn Hughes-related question. I like to ask some general questions apart from music as well. What kind of TV programmes do you like watching most ?. I like watching documentaries on
    National Geographic Channel such as Seconds From Disaster and Air Crash Investigation. I
    also like quiz shows like The Weakest Link and some reality TV shows such as Airport and The
    Aishah Bowron

  • At the moment - Scrubs, Big Love, CSI, Friends, Dr Who, Simpsons

    Recent favouries - Green Wing, My Name is Earl, Invasion.

    Old favs - Star Trek (any), South Park , 2 Ronnies...... (list is endless...!)

  • MONK :D, The Closer :thumbup:, any baseball game on TV :bouncer::bouncer:
    I refuse to watch any reality-based BS shows :mad::mad: (American Idol is banned in my home along with Survivor, etc.) or MTV Programming anymore. Since when does "Music Television" :mad::mad: show everything BUT music. That would be akin to tuning to the NFL Network and seeing "Antique Roadshow" with Peyton Manning.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I'm a WWE fanatic so I watch their programmes religiously, along with a British soap opera "Coronation Street". My all time favourite shows include The X-Files, The West Wing, Arrested Development, Magnum P.I., Seinfeld, The Larry Sanders Show, and various others.


  • On TV, News, mostly.

    Selected films on DVD.
    Well, hundreds of.

    Dream On - my all time favourite :thumbup: :D
    News Radio - starring Phil Hartman, the genius. RIP :(
    Friends (yeah, really - those characters are just great!) :cool:

    and selected SNL, especially the Christopher Walken (my favourite actor, always and ever) stuff.

    I used to be a huge WWF, then WCW fan, but that was a long time ago, and I never noticed when those two fused. Did they, or what happened? I have no idea.
    Long after Sting and the NWO and the Wolf Pack and all that.
    Remember The Mighty Hercules, James? Or Meng, the monster, aka Haku, once Tag Team Champion with André The Giant.

    Also I never missed an episode of Babylon 5 when it came out - gotta buy the whole thing on DVD sometime and watch it again!
    Also, The X-Files, of course, although I lost interest when Mulder left.

    The longer I think about it, the more the memories come back....


  • Don't watch much TV except for some Music & Arts related specials. All the GOOD programs (i.e. Highlander, Babylon 5, X-Files etc.) unfortunately ended their run a while back :(

  • I also love the reality TV shows Bratcamp, Bad Lads Army and Me and My Dog. Also love programmes about forensic science, medical stories, history and crime :) :cool: :D

    Aishah Bowron

  • My daughter loves Balamory, Bear in the Big Blue House and Peppa Pig and watches Lady and the Tramp on DVD at least once a week.

    But, Grace, she always wants to watch a video of Glenn Whooos when i am on the pc.

    And James, i was a Larry Sanders fanatic when it was on.

    Also a big fan of The Gary Shandling show years ago. Still got a stackload on good old VHS tapes.

    And probably the most original theme tune EVER... "this is the theme to Garys show, the theme to garys show. Gary called me up and asked if i would write his theme song. i'm almost halfway finished. what do you think of it so far. this is the theme to Gary Shandling's show".

    now that is pure genius.

  • The shows that are presently on that I watch are Lost, My Name Is Earl, Modern Toss and Hollyoaks (yeah I'm sad).

    There's not very much on at the mo. I'll watch the new series of 24 when it comes out on DVD and I had been watching Doctor Who, despite the fact that it's not particularly good and David Tennant is simply awful. I was a huge fan as a kid, and I really liked Christopher Eccleston in the role, but the last series (save a few episodes) was very poor.

    I'm also rewatching X Files and Star Trek Voyager on DVD. Star Trek Deep Space 9 is my fav TV program of all time, followed by The Next Generation.

  • Quote from Beese

    Star Trek Deep Space 9 is my fav TV program of all time, ...

    Me too!! :bouncer: Watch it all the time on DVD - especially when there's nothing on TV - which for me at the moment is most of the time!!

    Tend to watch a lot of films on DVD or video.

    Been watching Police Camera Action & similar a bit recently too - amazing (and scary) to see what people get up to!! :eek:

  • Lost is extremely addictive (what the hell is going on?) and Scrubs, which always brings a smile to my face.

    Apart from those mostly films and music DVD's. I've just purchased Pink Floyd' s Pulse, which is fantastic

  • Dave,

    i have already seen all series 2 of Lost (thanks to the net).
    it just gets better and as for the ending! more questions than answers AGAIN!

  • That's easy enough....The Simpsons! I also like classic cartoons (The Flinstones, Might Mouse, Popeye in BW, most Hanna Barbera, Looney Tunes, Tom& Jerry, etc) and nature shows. I like to watch Real TV sometimes, and Larry King Live.....when I can stay up late enough to watch it!

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