JLT Sunstorm project

  • I've just got the promo of this, and it's got some absolutely superb stuff on it! if you don't know, it's Joe dusting off some of the stuff from his aborted follow up to "Rescue You", collaborating with Jim Peterik, and basically rocking out 80's style, but with a more modern production. Absolutely great!


  • Hey Gustavo,

    There's not a weak track on the album, but track four, "This Is My Heart" is just unbelievable. Joe sounds great on it, and it has a huge, goosebump stadium rock chorus. Just brilliant.

    I'm in the process of trying to get another interview with Joe to get his thoughts, because my promo doesn't list the songwriters he collaborated with by track, it just has a list of names on the front. He's on such a run of form lately - "Usual Suspects", the "Fire Without Flame" and now this. What a time to be a JLT fan!


  • :cool1: James!

    I can´t wait to get my copy of Sunstorm..

    Just listening to the mp3 samples at Frontiers records I love Fistful of Heat but until I listent to the entire album I can´t say it´s my favorite..

    Here´s the tracklist for everyone to see, I took this info from JLT Japanese Fan Site: Loving You Endlessly

    1. Keep Tonight
    2. Fame And Fortune
    3. Heart Over Mind
    4. This Is My Heart
    5. Strength Over Time
    6. Another You
    7. Fistful of Heat
    8. Love's Gone Wrong
    9. Night Moves
    10. Danger of Love
    11. Making Up For the Last Time
    12. Arms of Love

    Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner
    Guitars: Uwe Reitenauer (PINK CREAM 69)
    Bass: Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69)
    Drums: Chris Schmidt
    Key: Jochen Weye

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