OT: Celtic Frost & Manowar interviews at The Fuze!

  • Hey folks,

    In case you didn't already know - because I'm sure you all check into the Fuze on a regular basis, right? :D - there are two new interviews you can check out.

    The first is with Manowar vocalist Eric Adams, who talks to us about his new DVD. The second is with underground legend Tom G. Fischer of Celtic Frost, who talks about the superb new Frost slab 'Monotheist' and the upcoming US tour - their first in over a decade.

    Feed your brain - check 'em out, and lemme know what you think. If you dig 'em, spread the word by sharing the link with someone.


  • Geez Todd! great job! :claphands

    Someone as eclectic as Tom Fischer... He started out- "Oh Hum" pesimistically gaurded in the beginning of the interview...then you turned it around and he's thanking you in the end! Great job of asking the right questions, helping him along by really relating - staying on the same page/level of thought that as he was on. When the interviewer can make the interviewee feel good about the task... you are going to have very sincere, open valid source of information. Thanks much! I'm going to see Celtic Frost with Larry when they come to Houston.

    So when Tom said "Celtic Frost" - did he say Seltic Frost or Keltic Frost? (I would have had to appologize too)


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