(OT) US train routes

  • Hi all,

    We're in Chicago right now, going west tomorrow. Which would be the most scenic / happening train route out of the following ones?

    Chicago - St. Paul - Portland/Seattle
    Chicago - Denver - Emeryville, CA (San Francisco)
    Chicago - Albuquerque - Los Angeles
    Chicago - St. Louis - Dallas - San Antonio - (Los Angeles)

    Need help in deciding which one to go for! :)

    More detailed route description:


  • james carl has it right daniel -trees and cooler weather to the north -heatand desert to the south -keep an eyeout for yourself at the train station downtown daniel - its too easy to get hurt down there

  • I have to agree with Theresa. Once you leave Missouri and enter Kansas and then Colorado, there's nothing to look at except some fields of sunflowers every now and then. I have to say though, the western half of Colorado is nice, once you get to the Rockie Mountains.

    I'd go with choice number one or four. Of course I assume no responsibility for lack of scenery of any route.;)

    How do you like those midwestern storms Daniel?
    I see that area is getting hammered pretty hard.

    Safe and happy travels!!


  • Not real crazy about Dallas..but San Antonio rocks! The hill country surrounding it is really cool. Rafting or floating down the rivers are a blast. Great parks- Garner , New Braunfells Etc. There are so many great Rock acts (concerts) that bypass Houston that play San Antonio year after year. They even forgave Ozzy for pissin' on the Alamo...San Antonio does Rock! :)

    Oh yea... if you decide to go to a Cardinal game... keep an eye on the weather in St. Louis- other wise it's a pretty cool city...tour Anhauser Bush Brewery.

  • I'd go with the "Chicago - St. Paul - Portland/Seattle" Route...taken it before, and it's definitely the more scenic of the bunch.:)

  • Thanks for the recommendations! Chicago-Seattle it is.

    Would love to hook up with fellow GHCPs while in the US! Feel free to PM me offlist and we'll try to get something sorted out.

    From Seattle we go further down to California before we head back east...


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