Glenn Live Acoustic at Manchester Lane on TV

  • Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that they will be showing the Glenn Acoustic gig at Manchester Lane in Melbourne on Ch 31 this Tuesday, July 25 at 10:30 PM. It's only viewable if your in Melbourne,Sydney,Adelade, Mt. Gambier, Sanctuary Cove Qld, and apparently the New York Tri State!! I was there and it was AWESOME!!!

  • Quote from mrbluez

    It's only viewable if your in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelade, Mt. Gambier, Sanctuary Cove Qld, and apparently the New York Tri State!!

    Hello mrbluez......

    Could you explain how the New York tri-state area

    got on this list of Australian locations? :huh:

    I'm glad that you heard the AWSOME ACOUSTIC MR. HUGHES!



  • David,
    I went to their web site, then to: Asylum in NY
    They say 10:00pm, 10:30pm
    Nothing with the cable channel listings works out.

    And I still can't find anything that's titled right for July 25th.
    "The Joy of Music" is a classical program.
    Channel 31, isn't right....that's for Australian TV.
    And I've looked at the whole day's TV schedule for July 25th,

    As always, I appreciate your fast answer.
    I'll keep looking.
    PS......If only this TV station in NY had a phone number.......:(
    (Although if I ever saw a GH concert on TV, the shock might kill me.) :eek:



  • I have a digital ST box, which means I cannot access Ch 31 apparently.
    Fortunatley, this and the Sydney show I was at, will be realeased on DVD at some point.
    You might even spot me in the crowd as well :)

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