Live in Verviers, Belgium 2006

  • What an amazing night it was!

    The "spirit of 66" is a nice club, the sound was great, Glenn and the band seemed to be having a good time on stage. Glenn spoke a lot to the audience and created a very warm and intimate feeling withe the fans. Al lot of artists leave the stage saying "I love you all", with Glenn you actually get the feeling that it's more than a phrase.

    Poor Glenn had just returned from Australia and was suffering from the jet lag. Still he was giving 100% of his energy to a great performance in this small venue. ("I can't help it, I've just got to be funky") While I believe that this holds absolutely true for his feeling on stage, I think that before the show he would probably have preferred a bed....
    So, a Glenn Hughes show (and this one in particular) becomes a very spititual event. Others might have just cancelled the gig or reduced the power to minimum, Glenn lives for his audience - He just loves to perform for the people. He was making some remarks about his spiritual path and progression and I believe he has reached a phase where he realized how important giving is.

    It was good to hear Glenn is getting more confident with more recent compositions. For me this is perfect - I love "you keep on moving", but I do not need to hear it every time I go to see a Hughes show. So in the set list there was a lot of "Soul Mover" and "Devine" stuff.

    The drummer was a new face to me, I'd never seen him before, but I really liked what he was doing. I was feeling pitful for him during "Burn", though. He looked as if he'd fall off the drum chair if he had to play one more note in that HOT room.

    What can I say? I was having a fantastic time, we celebrated a hug(h)e(s) spiritual funkmeister rock and roll heavy super concert.


  • It was a hot night, really hot, but Glenn won over some new fans.
    I went to the gig with my son, a collegea and two friends.
    My son had already seen Glenn on a few occassions, but the others were new to Glenn (one of them is a huge RHCP fan). After the show they were stunned, floored by the incredible groove of the show.

    The show started with The Valiant Denial. A perfect opener for the show, followed by Monkey Man and You've Got Soul.
    Other songs Glenn played where
    Don't let me Bleed (superb version)
    Land Of The Living
    Black Light
    Nights In White Satin
    A Whiter Shade Of Pale
    And as an encore
    Steppin' On

    Glenn did a lot of talking with the audience. He lost his bags at the airport and had to buy new stageclothes.
    Talked about Black Light which was the story about Phil Spector killing one of Glenn's friends.
    Told us about the new Hughes Thrall cd (can't wait to get the re-release of the first one).
    At the moment I'm at my office, later on I'll check out the photos my son took at the event.

    All in all we had great time tomorrow Glenn at Bospop.

  • Thanks for the reports! Is this the complete setlist and in the correct order? Hats off to Glenn for doing it this way, with almost only new stuff! I like it! :)

    Kjell Haraldsen on keys and Sebastian S. on drums in addition to GH and JJ?

    Looking forward to see the photos.


  • No, it's not

    I remember:

    The Valiant Denial
    Monkey Man
    You've Got Soul
    from there on I'm not sure.

    Spoke to some-one (met him at Arrow with WhiteSnake and now in Verviers) who had the complete setlist (paper from the stage) and he would fax it to me. Haven't received it yet.

    Here one of the photos my son took. Others will follow.


  • Great night indeed - hotter than hell though - even the camera was sweating :)

    Yes, it was GH, JJ plus Kjell on both keys and rhythm guitar and Sebastian on drums (who played his arse off - Chad's parts gave him a real workout on the new songs)!

    Lots of pix and video clips to follow in a couple of days :thumbup:

    Shirean says "Hi" :D

  • What a show yesterday in Belgium, perfect set list and a wonderful band on stage.
    Glenn was perhaps tired but in great mood.
    Great to see him again so "natural" with a look less classic rock than before. The songs from MFTD are all "killers" on stage!!!
    Thanks for this wonderful evening Big Daddy, we love you !!!!

    Set list:

    valiant denial
    monkey man
    you got soul
    land of the livin'
    don't let me bleed
    nights in white satin
    black light
    wither shade of pale

  • What a great night again. Glenn is surprising "the Ursem fanclub" over and over again. A very big compliment for J.J. who I think played his best set ever. Uncle himself was sweatting like hell in his just bought new stage clothes while his own clothes were at a wrong plane.
    The corona's tasted really good, because the lemon was freshly cut while waiting.
    Does anybody know why Glenn choosed this place to play this gig? I liked it a lot but it was a long journey for us. Luckely it was sponsered by Coen Koters company "General Cars and parts". We went in a big american pick-up Dodge. It felt compleet.


  • What an superb setlist! :clapper:
    Oh the Lucky ones who witnessed it.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • that setlist is almost perfect and i hope it stays the same for the UK shows in September. wouldnt mind if Glenn dropped Mistreated for Written All Over Your Face.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • It was my first GH show but it was really a great one ! 6 songs from M4TD and 4 from Soul Mover, the classic reduced to a minimum, really good !

    If some of you are intereted, here is my complete review in french on my DP forum.

    Can't wait to see him again on the real M4TD tour ;)

  • Here are a couple of pix and clips from both the soundcheck and the gig :cool:

    "Spirit Of '66" - Verviers, Belgium Setlist


    Green Goblin :D


    GLENN during the soundcheck


    GLENN steppin' on :cool:






  • Thank you David - it's fantastic to see & hear the new songs live at last :thumbup: They sound even better than the CD :cool:

    Can't wait for the full tour now :bow:

  • Quote from wolfysmith

    thanks for those David.

    and what a great shirt Glenn is wearing :D ...... maybe you could make them available in the merchandising area for the upcoming tour

    Pleased everyone is enjoying them :thumbup:

    As for the other....if there's enough demand, we're more than happy to make the red shirts available - just let us know :confused:

  • Thanks a lot for these first class pictures and video clips. Awesome...nothing more left to say, mate :thumbup:

    These red shirts look very cool, I will also order one. Great stuff.

    cheers, Achim

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