Journey - Steve Augeri out

  • July 6, 2006

    Jeff Scott Soto to assume JOURNEY lead singer duties starting on July 7th in Bristow, VA due to Steve Augeri throat infection

    July 6, 2006 -- Due to a chronic throat infection, Journey’s lead singer, Steve Augeri, has been forced to leave the band’s current nationwide tour with Def Leppard. Jeff Scott Soto, who has previously performed with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, will assume the band’s lead singer duties starting with the July 7th show in Bristow, VA. Steve Augeri’s condition will be closely monitored by his physician to determine when he may be able to rejoin the tour.
    According to Journey, “Steve’s been suffering with an acute throat condition since before we kicked off the tour with Def Leppard. We were hoping he’d be in well condition to handle the rigors of the road but unfortunately it appears to be a chronic condition requiring total voice rest. We all wish Steve a speedy recovery.”

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  • Saw Jeff fronting soul Sircus with Neal Schon in England last year and Journey haven't got any problems. This guy can cut it for sure. Nevertheless, speedy recovery to Steve.

  • Jeff may have gone a bit quiet, but it's not for lack of something to do. He's been recording his followup solo album to Lost In The Translation, he completed tracks for the upcoming Talisman album and it's been announced that he's recording a special project with Steve Lukather for Frontiers Records this fall.

    As far as Journey goes, I think Jeff is the right man to salvage this tour which has really only begun, and was already in danger of being derailed by Steve Augeri's vocal problems. Now, if you'll excuse me...I think I feel a road trip coming on!


  • Quote from hackney

    Saw Jeff fronting soul Sircus with Neal Schon in England last year and Journey haven't got any problems. This guy can cut it for sure. Nevertheless, speedy recovery to Steve.

    Jeff Scott Soto is a brilliant singer and showman.

  • I was browsing through the news items this morning and notice the headline"Journey singer battles throat infection". I had read the part where they were going to get someone to stand for Steve Augeri and Jeff Scott Soto was the first name I thought of...which was confirmed by reading further.

    Surprised?? not at all... We all know that JSS has the voice and stage presence to fill that spot, he knows their material and has that working relationship with Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo. And Deen...they definitely struck gold when they hired him to fill the drummer's spot. Great chops, great voice.....a real "all rounder!"

    I hope that Steve Augeri makes a full recovery and know that Journey is in capable hands while he is away!:thumbup:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Well If Mr Augeri has been suffering like this for a while, it explains some of the rumours that have been bouncing around regarding the use of vocal tapes to strengthen the sound. Personally, I saw them in June at Milton Keynes and never noticed a problem - they were great. Hope Steve gets better soon, but in the meantime - Will someone get a tape of one of these JSS/Journey shows, they will be fantastic !:singer:

  • Hmmmmzz, I got a strange feeling Jeff Scott Soto will be the next permanent singer for Journey...
    He certainly deserves it IMO. Cant wait to hear him singer with the band.....

    Kat, please let us know how the show went :)

  • Singing in Journey seems to be hazardous to your future vocal ability. There's no doubt that Steve Perry's beautiful gift is damaged beyond repair. Legal and personal issues aside, there would be no way in hell he could step in for his replacement. Deen Castronovo went down with throat problems a year ago.


  • Went to the concert last night. Great show! I even managed to run into Jeff Scott Soto in the hotel before the show. I caught up to him (man that guy walks FAST!) and said hello. I told him I was familiar with his stuff from this site. He did a great job. I was very impressed. If no one had known he had only been in there a few days they would have thought he was always the singer. The drummer, Dean, handled the vocals on 3 of the "higher range" Journey songs, other than that it was all Jeff. I didn't get any pictures tho :( as I was too far back to even try for this show. (They did the ILAA packages for this show - the front 20 rows or so went for between $400 and $500 each - too rich for my blood.)

    I checked to see if they were selling any merch for Jeff, but they weren't. Hopefully they will get some of his stuff out there for purchase.

  • I think Jeff's a great choice to front Journey for the remaining shows. Jeff is a born live performer, and I think he'll win a lot of new fans.

    Augeri has never impressed me. He did a good job on the 2001 DVD, but the use of tapes on the UK shows earlier this year is unforgivable. Plenty of people have a pop at Coverdale for having ropey vocals some nights, but David would rather suck than use tapes, and I appreciate that.


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