• Actually, Chip is much more educated than the people in these photos :thumbup: and "THE REAL" :thumbup: Glenn Hughes is a much better writer and speaker, not to mention snazzier in the clothing department.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I'm not really a self promotionalist, but a collegue at work for reasons best known to himself, put my name "John Hackney" into google images and came up with me and Prince Charles!!!
    He visited our newspaper back in 1992ish and sure enough, there I am with the man himself. Prince Charles, Mel Galley, Glenn Hughes! where will it end – maybe one day I'll get to meet David and Shirean one day . . .?
    Lol John:thumbup:

  • THE NERVE OF GLENN HUGHES...........giving that speech,
    when the Boston GHCPs were hoping for a concert. :mad:


    Glenn "Chip" Hughes speaks of the importance
    of orienting (or "ambiant") myth for daily living.

    I'll have you people know that Glenn stole this idea from me.:mad:
    I wondered what it was that Glenn was writing down,
    as I discussed THIS EXACT POINT at the recent Jersey birthday party.

    And here I thought that..........
    "the inclusion of transcendence indispensible for philosophizing"
    were the lyrics to a new Glenn Hughes song.

    Well, it just goes to show you that G "C" H would rather go
    to a "meet and greet" with this pathetic looking bunch of suits,
    (not a decent looking t-shirt in the lot of them)
    than to have a swell time with us refined and dignified GHCPs.


    THE ONLY THING that Glenn did at this conference that
    I approve of, was to give the Marriott Chip's name,
    so that Chip will be required to pay the hotel bill.:lol:

    And Lisa........I read EVERY WORD of this conference posting.
    I have no clue what I read, and my brains are falling out.
    So I will now be forced to kill you.:axe:

    PS, David........Where, oh, where, is that photograph of Glenn,
    IN HIS OTHER PART-TIME JOB, as a dentist?


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