• Hi ..That song I found a woman,Glenn sing like god him self on that song :claphandsWho has wrote this song,And JJ cool website you have,I remember i saw you in uppsala in 93 ibelive,You are a super gitarr player :guitarist skit bra alltså,

  • Hi Gribban,

    i found a woman sure is a wonderful song, and it shows a lot of love for glenns only real woman (sorry Misses H.) ;) MUSIC...

    the song is from Glenns first solo album 'play me out' :clapper: (one of my favs) :)


  • Its been ages since I've gave this cd a spin. I remember buying this release a century ago when I got into the voice of rock. I was quite disappointed since this wasnt rock, what I kinda expected, so I put it away for a long long time :lol:

    Now that Im a little older and wiser ;) and with the knowledge with Glenn's music diversity, I better dust this one off and give it another try...

  • LOL.........looks like we all went through pretty much the same experience... ;) ;) ;)

    I bought the vinyl album "PMO" in 1989 and thought "What the hell is this??????????????"
    It was much to funky and jazzy at the same time for me. I expected an album a bit like MOTHER´S FINEST (heavy funk rock) but it wasn´t. I listened to the album and smelled some kind of weed in the air and thought... "okay... space high"... LOL :D :lol: :D

    It took me YEARS to get slowly into the songs which I find NOWADAYS just exeptional. AND beside that, you can hear that the production was a LOT of work.


  • I Found A Woman is a great track but for me Its About Time is one of Glenn's finest songs i have always liked this and would love to see Glenn perform it live.

  • Interesting also that "It´s about Time" was the track that Glenn wanted to put on the COME TASTE THE BAND record but Tommy Bolin suggested him to hold it back for his solo album, what he actually did. He wrote "This Time Around" as a ballad for this album instead. Glenn told this story once in an interview.


  • I recently rediscovered this gem. I never really liked it before but now I love it. Funny how ones tastes change over time.

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