• Hi all,

    i got my copy of MftD yesterday and i must say there are some real gems on it.

    i got the feeling that Big D. is writing 'songs' again. i cannot explain it in english very well. But in my opinion there are 'nummers' and 'liedjes'.

    a 'nummer' is a straight forward to have a good time (rock)song and
    a 'liedje' is more intense like a painting by the old masters or like Paul and John used to write.

    i love MftD now and i will love it over many years to come.
    If someone can create a song like 'this house' or 'frail' that one is really blessed.

    Wherever Glenn will travel musically and emotionally i will follow because the places it leads to are amazing and wonderful to be at :) :cool:

    Thank you Glenn, thank you JJ, thank you Chad and thank you John

    You ARE the music :claphands :bow:


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